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D-Money's 3 Rounder w/trades! (all teams/in depth)

NFL Draft 2012

Round One

1.Indy- Andrew Luck-

The best qb prospect since Peyton Manning hands down. I hate predicting ridiculous greatness, but it's like you already assume he is guaranteed to win a championship. I see him winning at least one and more likely two or three barring injury. Hell of player with way underrated athleticism.

2.Wash- trade (Hershel Walker status with Rams, Rams receive #6, #37 and 2 future 1sts)-RG3.

I'll say it again, I love the fact that Washington had the balls to pull off this trade and get their qb of the future. Where Luck is almost equal to Manning, this kid is going to be a better qb than Vick. I really think he is a qb first but also one hell of an athlete. I cant wait to see Vick vs RG3.

3.Minnesota-Matt Kalil-

I would like to see Minnesota grab a WR here to help out Ponder, but their best weapon is A.Peterson and Ponder could use some help on the o-line for sure. So this pick makes a lot of since and I really don't see anyone moving up here.

4.Cleveland -Trent Richardson-

This pick is almost as automatic as the three before. The Browns don't have a rb ( or much else) but they always try to run the ball every year and that's hard to do without a #1 back. Lock it up, and T-Rich is a stud and worth the pick, even if running backs are being undervalued in today's game.

5-Buffalo-trade (from Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Receives #72, 5th in 2012 and 3rd in 2013)-

Quinton Coples

I think Buffalo wants to turn a weakness into a huge huge huge strength and with M.Dareus at DT (#3 from 2011), and adding Mario Williams (#1 in 06) in FA. And they add Coples, who I think is an underrated talent almost and deserves to be in the top 5. The bills would have a hell of d-line (including Carriker and Williams) and overall defense because of that. They take the NYG approach to addressing the d-line.

6-St Louis- (from Washington)Justin Blackmon-

Yeah, they still get their guy while picking up a boatload of picks. Bradford finally has a receiver to throw to. I will say Blackmon is not the best wideout on my board, but he is very comparable to T.O,, hopefully without the head issues, and the Rams are getting a very good wideout.

7.K.C.-Trade- (from Jacksonville, Jax receives #11, #75 and 5th and 7th) Morris Claiborne,

K.C. goes up and gets a corner to pair with one of the best safeties in E.Berry and replace Brandon Carr. Claiborne slipped out of the top five and Jax finally got the message to trade down and still get the guy you want instead of reaching.

8.Miami-Stephen Hill-

Yeah, I know, but I think Miami continues to make questionable personnel decisions and after trading Marshall I think they panic and add the 2nd best receiver on their board-no proof, but I like Hill and think Miami is very capable of doing this. Even if they have no one to throw him the ball.

9. Carolina- Dontari Poe- they need to continue to be add talent to the d and I think they know Poe can be really good with the right coaching. I have the Panthers choosing Poe over Brockers due to his superb athleticism.

10.Philadelphia- Trade-(from TB through Buffalo, TB receives Asante Samuel and 4th in 2012)

Luke Kuechly -Philly has a lot of talent on D, but they have no one in the middle for the front seven and they need a true leader. Kuechly is a true mlb. They need to trade up for him to secure this pick, and have the ammo/players to do it).

11. Jacksonville- (from Kansas City) Michael Floyd- Gabbert sucks, but until the Jags can admit this, they will try and get him some help. I like Floyd better than Blackmon, but with Gabbert as his qb, his numbers will never be that good.

12 Seattle,- Zach Brown- They reach, but they have to replace the Bust they had a mlb- Curry?. Brown can play all over the field and would add speed to their D.

13 Arizona- Janoris Jenkins- I know they need oline and another wideout but I think putting Janoris at one corner and Peterson at the other, makes their defense really good.

14 Dallas- David DeCastro- They need to keep Romo healthy so their offense can at least have a chance to score points. Those of us from the Bay Area know how good DeCastro is. He will be a pro bowler and all pro guard.

15 Tampa Bay- (from Philly) Riley Reiff, Tampa has gone out and has got Freeman some protection and some weapons and now just keeps adding to that while adding picks.

16 NYJ- Micheal Brockers- lets face it, the Jets D fell off, and the part that sucked the most (besides Snachez)was their aging d-line. Expect multiple picks for the front seven.

17 Cin- (from Oakland) Courtney Upshaw- He will play DE as I don't think he can drop back and play olb. Cincy could use some help getting to the qb. Upshaw is not the biggest or the strongest, and has little Burger King fingers,but he can get to the qb.

18 Green Bay -Trade- (from San Diego for #28 #92 and a 3rd in 2013) Nick Perry- G.B. needs help attacking the qb opposite Clay Matthews, As I don't think Upshaw can play standing up, I think Perry can. Both being from the same program should help as well.

19 Chicago- Jonathan Martin-they have to protect Cutler- when he went down, so did they, with Tice being their OC look for him to support this choice 100%. This pick makes so much sense it probably wont happen.

20 Baltimore- Trade- (from Tennessee,Tenn receives (#93, 5th in 2012 and 4th n 5th in 2013) Melvin Ingram- They just lost they're olb opposite Suggs, I think adding Ingram, with Lewis(will be his last season) and Suggs makes a damn good linebacker core for the year. I like Ingram a lot as an olb, and think Baltimore is smart enough to move up for him.

21 Cincinnati- Kendall Wright- They added Dalton and the best pick from the draft last year, IMO AJ Green, Now get someone to play opposite. If either one is single covered the D will get burned. Really good pick for Cincy.

22 NYG-Trade- (from Cleveland through Atlanta, Cleveland receives #32, #96 and 5th in 2012 and 3rd in 2013) Mike Adams, NYG gets some new and future protection for their prized investment. This is a need pick IMHO and keeps Eli up straight.

23 Detroit- Cordy Glenn- I know they need corners but way too much like the bears in that they spend all this money on a qb and then don't protect him? Hello. Glenn is a beast and would be the niners pick if available at 30. Former teammates at Georgia. Look for Stafford to say hell yeah to this one.

24 Pit- Donta Hightower- This pick is almost automatic, Farrior was the weak link for a team that always has great lbs, look for them to add another one. I think Hightower was the best defensive player on last years BCS team and will just be another great lb for Pitt.

25 Denver- Mark Barron- This pick could go many different ways, Look for Denevr to try and add some more to their secondary. This is a need pick, but also a good one.

26 Houston- Rueben Randle- IMO, they reach a little bit, they need a #2 Wideout badly . He is right better now than Jones or Walters, so this is still a good pick for them. And Randle could suprise in a few years.

27 NE- (from New Orleans) Whitney Mercilus- NE needs a better D and they need to finish the front seven first. Mercilius is supremely underrated and will be a beast in the league in a 3-4. With Spikes, Mayo, and Mercilius at lb's they are now starting to get somewhere.

28 San Diego- Harrison Smith- S.D moves down will still getting their guy. They need another safety and Harrison Smith slips into the bottom half of the first round if you ask me. San Diego needs the extra picks as well.

29 Tennessee (from Baltimore)- Coby Fleener TE- If either Hasselbeck or Locker is the qb they need a safety net at TE. They get a great one at that with Fleener, Harbaugh just untucked his shirt as his day has come to an end, he leaves while slapping someones hand too hard.

30 St. Louis -Trade (from San Francisco, San Fran receives #33 and S.F and St louis swap 4th rounders #96 for #126 )- Peter Konz- C, the Rams need to get weapons and protection for their qb. Adding a top wideout and a center/guard in the first round is usually the way to go.

31 Tampa Bay- Trade (from New England, New England receives #36, 5th and a 7th rounders)- Mohammed Sanu, Coach moves up to make sure he gets his guy. Really like him and see his versatility and the Bucs moves so far, are looking really good.

32 Cleveland (from NYG)- Ryan Tannenhill- , Cleveland needs to add another qb to their roster, after being written off by all the qb's currently in the league, they need/have to add one through the draft.

Round 2

Luckily for the 49ers they have Baalke over there, and I'm telling you guys I think he works this draft like a man possessed. I think he wants to be the point man on the second day of the draft and have someone overpay him for this spot. Look for our GM to move up and down in the draft like a Billicheck protege. This will be a fun day for us fans.

33.Philadelphia - Trade( from San Francisco, SF receives #46 and #77) Fletcher Cox- I know, he and a maybe a few others should be in the first, but there's only 32 picks, he goes one later, and we cash in on the trade, Supremely underrated dlineman who will be a beast in the middle for Philly, they need to continue adding to the front seven in the later rounds after moving up twice already.

34.Indianapolis- David Wilson, Poor Luck, he goes number one and has nothing on his team. I think adding a rb would help- a lot.

35 Minnesota- Alshon Jeffery, This Team has never replaced Sidney Rice and Ponder could use a big WR to go up and get the ball. Minnesota can't rely on Harvin to even be healthy every week, let alone be a number one.

36 Detroit- (from New England through Tampa Bay, NE receives a 1st in 2013 and a 6th in 2012) Stephen Gilmore- Their dbs were sorry and after Wright signed with Tampa Bay, they need to take a good corner.)

37 Cleveland-Andre Branch- They need to continue to add at every position almost and adding Brown and Branch on the corners would help get some pressure opposite Sheard.

38 Jax-Jerel Worthy- Jax needs some help on the dline, Alualu? has been fairly good but he needs some help. Worthy is inconsistent but has the ability to take control of his man.

39 St Louis Rams Kevin Zeitler G- While getting Wisconsin's C in the first they grab his former and future line mate with the big run blocking of Zeitler. The rams have to hit on their picks, and they have to keep Bradford Healthy.

40 -Carolina- Josh Robinson- Panthers can score points now with Newton doing superman poses all the time but, they're getting burned like crazy on defense

41 Buffalo- Zebrie Sanders- Buff needs to get just that, they need to Buff or beef up their front line. They wont even be able to make it through practice with the protection they got. This is a need pick. Not a luxury.

42 Miami- Devon Still- Miami needs to finish adding to the defense. Devon Still has dropped far enough. He is a little inconsistent, but can take over plays and drives.

43 Seattle- Bobby Wagner- Seattle has a big hole at lb and Wagner is a tackling machine. This is a good pick for a bad team.They ought to add one more lb still. Wagner will fly all ovver the field.

44 Kansas City- Kirk Cousins, they cannot be happy with their qb situation and Cousins is at least good enough to put himself in the mix

45 Dallas- Jayron Hosely- Dallas Corners suck even with Carr, alright Carr is good but they need a 2nd and 3rd corner cause Jenkins sucks. Hosely is pretty good and fast . Also has great ball skills.

46 San Francisco (from Philly)- Lamar Miller, RB. Letting the best talent fall to us a this point, and taking BPA. Very similar Player to an early Edgerian James and a poor mans Leshan McCoy, Gore is done next year and gets hurt every year, I know he's everyone favorite player but it is what it is and Kendall Hunter is not a #1, Miller can be. He can learn his way this year and return kicks for us, dude can fly and is steal at this point.

47 NYJ- Ronnel Lewis- The jets are now starting to add some pieces back to their D. It's getting younger, faster, and stronger, not older and slower.

48 New England- Vinny Curry- The patriots always seem to have the best drafts, and I like them to go with most their picks that they do make, on their defense. Now the lb core is set and looks really good on paper at least but should help out the dbs.

49 San Francisco- Trade (from San Diego for #62 a 6th and a 3rd in 2013).- Kendall Reyes, Seeing the value in Reyes here. Sticking to BPA. but moving up to get an underrated DT/DE that will easily rotate with the players we have on D and will make for much needed depth.

50 -Green Bay- Trade (from Chicago, Chicago receives #60 and #91) - Doug Martin, RB, Boise State. Seeing GB have no running game last year and still dominate was scary. They need a back besides the injury prone Starks. They move up 10 spots to make sure they get a good one.

51 Philly- Brandon Thompson- Philly is looking real good on defense now. They have completely redone their front seven.

52 Tennessee- Alfonzo Denard- They have to replace Finnergin, Dennard is just as feisty as will be much needed corner help.

53 Cincinnati Bengals- Kelechi Osemele OT/OG- Protect your investment, the Bengals were surprisingly really good last year, now the just need to complement their core.

54 Detroit Lions- Ben Jones- They added Glenn, now add a familiar butt for Stafford in Jones. I think they need to do themselves a favor and upgrade their horrific line.

55Atlanta- Orson Charles- TE, not the best TE, but is very athletic and Tony G is gone so you have to at least try and replace him.

56 Pittsburg- Amini Silatolu- They need help on the line, ask Big Ben, who just took a beating last year.

57 Denver- Juron Criner- a P.Manning receiver, nice possession receiver with underrated speed. Should help take some pressure off Thomas.

58 Houston Texans- Jared Crick- He provides a nice piece of insurance to help for the loss of Mario Williams. He will eventually take over for A.Smith.

59 Gone to the NFL for being Bounty Hunters.

60 Chicago- Dwayne Allen- They have to get Cutler more weapons. They got Marshall, now get the guy a tight end. Why they traded Olsen last year i'll never know.

61 Minnesota-Trade( from Baltimore, Balt receives #67 and 4th next year)- James Brown- Minnesota continues to rebuild there o-line to try and keep their back filed healthy

62 San Diego- Alameda Ta'amu- All of sudden San Diego has a lot of holes to fill. NT is one of them as well. I really don't think they'll be very good next year.

63 Dallas- (Trade- New England receives a 5th in 2012 and 2nd in 2013 )Chandler Jones- Spencer is inconsistent. While Dallas could use some more pass rushers, I'm not that high on Jones,so we'll see.

64 NYG- Mychal Kendricks- They're weak link was their linebackers. now the add a great athlete to the position.Round 3

65 Indianapolis- Mitchell Schwartz-OT

66 St Louis Rams- Brandon Boykin-CB

67 Baltimore- Bobby Massie-OT

68 Cleveland- Marvin Jones-WR

69 Tampa Bay- Lavonte David- OLB

70 Washington- Cam Johnson-DE

71 Jacksonville- Brian Quick -WR

72 Tampa Bay( from Buffalo)- LaMicheal James-RB, KR

73 Miami-Brandon Weeden-QB

74 Miami (from Chicago)-Shea McClellin-OLB

75 Kansas City-Brandon Washington-G

76 Seattle-Tony Bergstrom OT

77 San Francisco (from Philly)- Casey Hayward-CB, Hayward has 49er written all over him. He's a player that is going to get in your face and bring it every down. Very similar to the Culliver plays. Will attack the ball. Really like the kid.

78 NYJ-Dwight Bentley-CB

79 San Diego-Greg Childs-WR

80 Chicago- Brandon Brooks-G

81 Arizona -Bruce Irvin-OLB

82 Dallas-George Iloka-FS

83 Tennessee-Matt McCants-OT

84 Cinncinati-Chris Polk-RB

85 Atlanta-Joe Adams-WR

86 Detoit-Vontaze Burfict-MLB

87 Pittsburgh-Robert Turbin -RB

88 Denver-Chase Minnifield-CB

89 Houston-Jammell Flemming-CB

90 New Orleans- Lost for Bounty Hunting

91 Chicago (from Green Bay)-Ryan Broyles-WR

92 Tennessee (from Baltimore)-Sean Spence-OLB

93 San Francisco-Philip Blake-C/G

94 New England-Malik Jackson-DE

95 Cleveland (from NYG)- Chris Givens-WR

Round 4

96. San Francisco- A.J.Jenkins-WR, I dont know what it is about this guy and I really hate to say this, but when he runs his routes I think of Jerry Rice. I'm not saying he's Jerry, there just alot of resemblance.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
:/ with rivals?..
this just got confusing. not down with trading to the rams to allow them to get two offensive lineman to give them more time to bradford to find blackmon. no way we let them have 3 picks in the first 39. btw who are we drafting with all those picks we swapped for. this only goes to round 4
Am I the only guy who sees RG3 as a better prospect than Luck?
Originally posted by Evilgenius:
Am I the only guy who sees RG3 as a better prospect than Luck?

uh yeah
btw who are we drafting with all those picks we swapped for.
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Why would we ever trade with a division rival for a player that would fill one of our own glaring needs? Complete fail on this mock!
Originally posted by teylo31:
this just got confusing. not down with trading to the rams to allow them to get two offensive lineman to give them more time to bradford to find blackmon. no way we let them have 3 picks in the first 39. btw who are we drafting with all those picks we swapped for. this only goes to round 4
All the picks are there kid,, they say San francisco and the the guy we drafted, usually how it goes.
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Originally posted by cgida:
Why would we ever trade with a division rival for a player that would fill one of our own glaring needs? Complete fail on this mock!
Man you never know how the draft is gonna go!
Originally posted by D-Money:
Originally posted by teylo31:
this just got confusing. not down with trading to the rams to allow them to get two offensive lineman to give them more time to bradford to find blackmon. no way we let them have 3 picks in the first 39. btw who are we drafting with all those picks we swapped for. this only goes to round 4
All the picks are there kid,, they say San francisco and the the guy we drafted, usually how it goes.

We have very short attention span here at the zone. Would be nice if you bolded the 9ers picks for us. Like your creativity, and agree with BAP draft if we get Schwartz.
A lot of work on your part.

I could NEVER see us helping a team in our division in any way, manner or form.
I just got through the first round, then I got dizzy and had to lie down. What did the Niners do?
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Yea homie you went trade crazy. Not sure why the Bills would trade up when coples can easily fall right to them of just take Ingram. Not to mention their front 4 is pretty much set. Eagles just made a trade for Ryans so I can't see them trading up.
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