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Ryan Broyles

This kid could be a great value draft pick. Not only would he be an excellent slot WR for this system, he catches the ball and is extremely reliable. Could be the safety valve this team needs.He has the ability to catch throws that aren't "perfect". Has great elusiveness after the catch.

Additionally, he is a heck of a punt returner. He could be the 49ers version of Welker meets Ginn.
4th round or latter and I agree.
He is also one of those high character "gold star" guys that Harbaugh and Co. look for. He is definitely one of the greatest Sooners to wear the crimson and cream!
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I think he'd be great. His size and injury will keep him in a lower round than when he should be picked, but I think he'll end up being a star. He would definitely be one of my targets.
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R.I.P. Broyles
LOVE THAT PICK! This has Frank Gore Part II written all over it. Grab this dynamic WR/PR as a mid round steal! Everyone is scared off with the injury, that's when you get great deals on talent.
Love the guy... I think he will be a great addition to who gets him.
Ryan Broyles was the most productive WR in the nation before his torn ACL. I been following this kids whole career. I hope he has success in the NFL. Whoever gets this kid is gonna be happy. He was a 2nd rounder before the injury.

I agree 110%

I'd be happy if we got him at any point in the draft. I'm not sure when he will be 100% healthy but down the road he projects as a legit #2 or #3 WR
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R.I.P. Broyles
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I think he'll end up being a star. He would definitely be one of my targets.

His ACL tear scares me. That could lose him some quickness. OK as a later round pick.
As I've been saying, any rookie WR we draft this year will not see playing time and will probably not suit up...unless there's an injury to someone else (but even then).

So, I think Broyles would be a great fit! He can recover from his injury and be 100% for 2013.
That 4.57 40, on a historically slow track only 6 months after an acl tear as well as 21 reps at 225 make this kid a beast. Would love to get him in the 3rd or 4th
Good value pick. I like Broyes to sit, heal, and learn the offense.
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