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Would you Trade up for David DeCastro?

Would you Trade up for David DeCastro?

Such a move wouldn't anger me, but I would prefer to not do this.

This is a pretty thick OG draft class for the 2nd-4th rds, and I am still hoping Coby Fleener or a few other surprising prospects end up being available to us.
i wouldnt

i think we still need 1 more guy on the recieving end (unless glenn or konz falls) this draft is pretty stocked for the OG position especially in R 2
Jason Peters has been a Pro-Bowler since 2007. Jason Peters went undrafted. You can't have an OL with like 5 1st round picks, that's just f**king absurd. At some point you have to trust the system and the coaching to develop players and thats exactly the boat the 49ers are in with Kilgore.
Absolutely not. Even if Decastro is all-world, we dont need that. We need a good RG, thats it, not great not once in a decade, just good. We dont have the luxury of doing a move like this until we have addressed our depth issues at half our positions. Safety, OLB, ILB, G, C, WR, and NT. This team can realistically only compensate for one injury per position, but if two starters at any of those positions went down.... phuct. Keep the picks, trade back for more if your guys arent there and get some quality depth so Swain doesnt have to stop surfing to come play for us again.