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Would you Trade up for David DeCastro?

Would you Trade up for David DeCastro?

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
I voted no, because a team spending 4 1st rounders on their offensive line is absolutely retarded. Keep developing the guys they have, take another late-round prospect to develop.....etc.
We'd probably have to trade up for David DeCastro, he'll be the best OG to enter the NFL draft since Iupati.
If we can get a #1 WR, #1 CB, CB depth, and still have enough picks left after trade to draft depth, then yes...if missing any of those then no
It really depends on how far he fell. If he was sitting there in the late teens I would explore the cost for sure. I couldnt care less how many #1's we had on the line. Where we drafted guys in the past would have no bearing whatsoever on the decision. DeCastro could anchor the line for several years and address what I consider to be a major weakness.
No. if we are going to trade up that high would rather have Floyd
where is decastro slated to go in the draft? mid to late first round?
I'd trade up like 5-7 slots. I would give our whole draft class for the guy.
Originally posted by 9erred:
If the bpa does not fill the needs of the niners I would rather have them trade down with the first pick, not up. Gaining a high 2 and 3, then possibly packaging both 3's to move into round 2, getting 3 players in the top 60.

Yea, something more like this.
Originally posted by stonecold590:
No. if we are going to trade up that high would rather have Floyd

Yes sir, that's the only guy for whom that move would make sense.
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If we sign Manning then the need to upgrade the offensive line becomes more of a priority. At 36 with his injury history and lack of great mobility it would be imperative to protect him. I still wince at the 49ers front office lack of desire to protect Steve Young during the last few years he was here.

I understand that we have selected an awful lot of guards with high draft picks over the years and that you dont want to tie up a lot of money at the position but with Manning on board it would look appealing to start Iupati and DeCastro in the interior of our line. Talk about physical! If not DeCastro I would think about Koonz. Not as physical as DeCastro but he might be the one other rookie that could come in and start right away and do a credible job. If Manning arrives upgrading the O-Line is going to be more of a priority.

Ok, we just signed WR Mario Manningham to a 2 year contract. I hope this means we may be looking for a RG in the 1st round.. I would be ecstatic if the Niners traded up into the teens to draft DeCastro!!!
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If I was drafting for the 49ers My target in a tradeup would be Cordy Glenn which would be a lot less costly or better yet just trade down for an additional 2nd rounder and get Brandon Brooks
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DeCastro would be a sweet pick. Its amazing how much one winning season opens up the FA market for us. Kinda feels like the good ol' days.
Originally posted by Genius1310:
I'd love to but think about the kinda cash we'd have to fork over down the road for DeCastro + Iupati. That frightens me!
Dominance, yes. Breaking the bank on a couple thanks.

Other than the spelling of "guards"...this post is right on.
WIth the Moss and Manningham signings the Niners no longer need to reach for a WR. The team really has great depth in most positions and I would move up without question now to grab DeCastro ( especially now that Snyder has left)
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