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Official 2012 Webzone Collaborative Draft - ROUND 3 (Browns are on the clock)

Solidg2000 pick deadline is 4pm today
Does anyoe want to trade up?
Originally posted by solidg2000:
Does anyoe want to trade up?

Fine geez
Cleveland browns select
Matt Kalil* OT USC
Kalil looks like a beast
Orlando49erfan is on the clock.

His pick must be submitted by 10pm (PST) or 1am (EST)
With the 5th pick the Bucs fill a huge need with CB Morris Claiborne LSU

The Washington Redskins are fielding offer for the sixth pick in the draft.
BTW Happy Birthday Morris
Originally posted by YungAce:
Miami is shopping it's 9th pick, looking to trade back late into
the first round.

With the 6th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft The Washington Redskins select:

Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback Texas A&M

Slight reach... But it fills a need
Slight reach... But it fills a need
With the 7th pick overall, the Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Quinton Couples, DE, North Carolina

Tried to think of any other players that could be picked since Jacksonville doesn't really pick whom EVERYONE wants them to pick (Tyson Alualu, Blaine Gabbert, etc.), but this guy's potential is too high to say no, especially @ a position of need. First time in a while for the Jags that BPA = Position of Need for them. Don't be surprised, though, if they go for Poe if they can sign a pass rusher in FA