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How do you feel about this draft?

I think we definitely need a WR, CB, OG. Maybe even a RB. There really aren't a lot of WR's outside of Blackmon who is a must have. Stephen Hill maybe a good choice at pick 30, but we really might as well get Mike Wallace if that's where we want to go. WR's are too slow this year to me, but we might need more of a target than a speed guy; or maybe not. CB is a good option at 30 as well. There probably is more talent there than at WR. Either way if we keep Rogers or not, we still need another good corner and we might even trade up to get one. Pretty much CB or WR in the first round, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got TE Coby Fleener if he's there. Him and Vernon would be kinda cold. We can get a guard in the second or third round because Chilo is outta here (hopefully), and Snyder mIght be better for depth. RB we could get in the third round or even 4th because, lets face it, Anthony Dixon sux. That's it. My two cents. Feel free to add whatever.

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Small piece of advice bro, break up the text, that is way hard to read. Bottom line is with Brooks re-signing and according the FO 3 starting caliber CBs in Cully, Brown, and Brock on the roster we will be picking a offense threat in the 1st. Whether it is using our 1st to sign Mike Wallace to a RFA sheet, draft Stephen Hill or Kendall Wright at WR, Coby Fleener at TE or David Wilson or Lamar Miller at RB.

Our defense is absolutely stacked and the only way we pick a defensive player #30 now is if someone like Courtney Upshaw inexplicably fell to us, otherwise we are now on track to simply pick the best offensive skill player available. After that we have no blatant need on defense besides safety and OLB depth, we'll be focusing heavily on WR/TE/RB/G and then OLB/S/CB.
Yeah I wouldn't consider a CB at 30. The top 3 will be top 15-17 picks. I'd rather wait till round 2 or 3.

Biggest need is WR. I want Wallace, and hopefully it happens.
We will take the BPA.

I still think Fleener is valuable at 30. You can use him like a WR, and he's such a big target and he runs great routes. Hill is raw. Streeter is raw. Are they worth 1st round picks? Baalke and company are film guys and they aren't tape measure guys. And in this draft there are a ton of guys that are 2nd and 3rd round picks.

We may take a corner if they feel the guy is there is worth a 1st rounder, but I think Baalke and the team feels that you can always get corners later like Culliver. So they probably won't take a corner.

We will also pick up a FA wide reciever but not break the bank on them. So no Wallace, Vincent Jackson or Colston......maybe Manningham, but we need speed.

Trust in Baalke he knows what he's doing.
i feel we will either strike gold or go bust. no in the middle
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I feel like this past season success and Harbaugh cahones will rub off on Baalke. This will be Baalkes third year as the GM. I think he takes over this draft like Bilicheck, I see us moving back to the beginning of round #2 and just start picking sorting and stacking draft picks. This draft has nice talent deep into round four. I'd like to see us pick up a couple extra picks. Truth is Baalke and Harbaugh will have a gameplan just like they do on game day and judging by past drafts, they will be successful.
Actually, this draft is perfect for us because it is loaded with DTs and WRs of all types not just the tall and big split-ends. Also, we have a chance to draft a pass-catching TE who runs and catches like Graham and Gronk. Needs more time to learn the nuances of blocking, but our coaches can do that. Also, there will be some options at OG, DT, CB, while even giving us some choices at RB and NT as well.

With S. Hill doing so well, he now jumps into consideration at #30. If we land that FA WR, not Wallace, then Fleener it is, IMO. If not, I can see R. Randle and S. Hill as strong possibilities. Before signing Brooks, we had great options at the end of first to nab one. There's Keyes, Worthy, Konz, Gilmore, S. Hill, R. Randle, Fleener and maybe even Glenn.

We have it pretty good at #30!
I would say needs are WR, CB, possibly Center or RG, DL Depth, ILB depth (if Grant leaves), possibly 3rd RB. Also, depending on who leaves don't be surprised if we trade down from the end of round 1 (prime trade spot) to early/mid 2nd and pick up and extra 3rd or 4th/6th or 7th. I wouldn't be surprised either with as feel dire needs as we have that we trade up (most likely for a WR).
I agree w/sfout, and we go offense BIG time. Frankly, I could see the first 3 pick being offensive players [don't think it will happen but I wopuldn't be surprised.

We all know a fast, BIG receiver is a must. And IMO, so is a RG. If the line can pass protect better these receivers will have an impact.
If we don't get Hill or Fleener I'll be crushed

Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Yeah I wouldn't consider a CB at 30. The top 3 will be top 15-17 picks. I'd rather wait till round 2 or 3.

Biggest need is WR. I want Wallace, and hopefully it happens.

Still really want Fleener but if we end up giving up our 1st pick for Wallace i'm ok with it.
To me, this draft is all about the second and third round guys (I like a lot of these future 3rd round WR's who will present great value down the road. If the team can parley their 30th overall into a number of second day selections, the team will be in good position if they draft well.

As for the draft as a whole, it is a drop from last year, that is sure. Last year was probably the best draft class in NFL history, with nearly all top 11 picks playing at a very high level. This draft has a number of really talented guys who either underachieved in the past, or have criminal histories that make it difficult for teams to pull the trigger at their spot.

If the Niners have cap room to pick up Wallace at 30, then the rest of the draft is simply a bonus.
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