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NFL draft magazines

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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Don't waste your money. The ones I've seen are a joke and I question whether they know anything about the prospects.

I tend to agree that some of the mags, especially Sporting News, are hideous. Most are just terribly outdated.

They're just trying to get their money before the real mags hit the stands....why not, I would.
Agreed,Most of the Info in all of 'em is kinda out of date, but I like to look at some of them anyways. Just because i can't get enough
info on the NFL Draft.
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used to be that they were the only real source of info.... but that was before the webz.
Got my copy of Lindy's not bad, except on our team report, states Ginn is a FA, but we have a good backuo in KYLE WILLIAMS. Did they not see his 2 FUMBLES that cost us the game.
Has anyone seen Lindy's being sold in SF or close by. Went to Barnes and Noble at Tanforan this am -- not in yet
Whoever turned the NFL Draft into a business was a f**king genius.
Originally posted by MILFS:
Whoever turned the NFL Draft into a business was a f**king genius.

I think the nfl draft has taken off in the past few years. I remember I never watched it before around the 99 or 2000 draft. I started buying the mags back then when the internet IMO was limited in sites for draft info.

I loved one magazine for nfl draft, espn's one from like 2007 or so, but then they stopped putting one out.

I also started watching the espn draft specials, before I had DirecTV and NFL Ticket and NFL Network. I also remember waiting the week before, it took forever to get here. It seems like it will be here so soon. I just hate the primetime crap, but it's more money and ratings for the league. I guess if the NBA does it on a night day, why can't the nfl do it.
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