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My Ideal, realistic offseason

Originally posted by valrod33:
Id rather draft Turbin than sign this dude.

Turbin for short yardage situations

Please! Turbin would be my dream come true. The guy is a monster and could take over once Gore is done.
Turbin is 5'10, 222lb and is an absolute monster. If he's there in the fourth, I definitely want him. A little bigger than gore but has the same work ethic and he's a great person. ohh, plus, he can catch, go on youtube and check him out. im not just talking swing routes and check downs, im talking fades and post too
Stephen Hill was a 3rd - 4th rounder due to lack of production in college. This was mainly due to the run happy offense he was in. Everybody knew he was a burner or freak. I am not sure they knew how rediculously athletic he was pre-combine. The knock on him still was his hands, having an issue of the dropsies. I watched many of the drills he ran in the combine and he caught the ball very well and I was very impressed. 4.3 speed always gets drafted early especially when you pair it with a 6'4" frame. On top of that they have cranked out Calvin Johnson and Damaryius Thomas. You really think he is still going to go in the second? He has been mocked as going to the Texans before even we get to pick in the 1st.
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