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Idaho's Mock Draft/Offseason

Lol @ Crabtree trade.
I find it funny that people come and leave coments about the crabtree trade, without addressing it in the context of my whole offseason...then on top of that provide no reason as to why he should stay....regardless of what some think, his numbers were not impressive for a WR who was essentially the only WR target all season long. He disapeared in the offseason, and consistantly performed poorly when it counted the most.
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yes i like walker better. and i think fleener needs to block better otherwise vernon stuck blocking, and fleener is no way in hell a better option than vernon in any
sorry im out... on this one..
Why not keep Crabtree? According to your draft, we'd be getting Fleener and Jeffery with our first two picks. Crabtree, VD, Fleener, and Jeffery
I simply like Morgan Beter. I would uch rather have Morgan as a starter on this team than crabtree.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Trade Crabtree for a 4th?

bump.....still like my draft.
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