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Alright, Draft boys! Who's your draft crush?

Oh yeah that Turbin dude looked like a freaking monster out there, dude is built like a rock
I think what we learned from last year is, expect the unexpected. So what guy would we least expect??
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I use to have the Minnifield crush, but now its all about Stephen Hill. But actually wouldn't be mad if we took
Cordy Glenn or Poe. But Stephen Hill is my draft crush.
Originally posted by WildBill:
Fleener and Hill have my current attention until we after the FA signing period, then will reassess.

This... plus Mike Adams from OSU.

Also really like Marvin Jones and Shea McClellin in the 3rd rd.
Well, if the question is who am I most impressed with overall? Andrew Luck

If the question is who else might be available when we pick? Stephen Hill. I was hopeful, as were others, that he would be available with our second round pick. Not anymore.

Other notables: I really like Doug Martin, Cordy Glenn, Melvin Ingram, Ruben Randle.
Floyd wr from Norte Dame
1.) Whitney Mercilus/Andre Branch (Aldon Smith clones, IMO)
2.) Nick Perry (LaMarr Woodley clone, IMO)
3.) Stephen Hill (duh)
4.) Chris Owusu (I can see him as a Niner pick)
5.) Dontari Poe (would be higher on my list if we actually had a shot at him)
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Originally posted by susweel:
Floyd wr from Norte Dame

well if we're talking unrealistically, Andrew Luck for me.
Elvis Akpla.Think this kid will be the best receiver to come out this year if given a chance. Hines Ward clone, with way more athletic ability. Small school, and overlooked.
Huge man crush on this Kid. Hope we pick him up in the 6th-7th to prevent him going UDFA.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
why would we get poe?

our d line is solid and soap did a great job and is young

done see the need dor another NT not for abut 3-4 years down the road

Because he would be BPA @ #30. Oh, and Ice is a FA next year and there is no way RJF and Williams are in the same league as Poe. He would be an extraordinary pick @ #30, but that's not going to happen.

Coby Fleener
I always looking for the next Harvin, Maclin or Jackson...Ginn, maybe? LOL I like Joe Adams, but was surprised that he didn't run as fast at the combine like he does in film. Still, I remember him being so explosive.

Still, Poe is all that and a thousand bag of chips.

Like Ghost, I also like the tweekers (oops replace K with N) at the end of round one like Perry, Mercilus and Branch...heck, I see Irvin movin' on up, too.


Still, a 345+ fattie who can move like Rerun from "What's Happening" on steroids just pumps my nads.

Fleener has to be my second...close second that is.
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Bruce Irvin, Robert Turbin, Mo Sanu, and now Stephen Hill.
He was my draft crush waaaaaay before the draft, and its still Stephen Hill

Sleepers who I think will far outperform their current draft projections... If we could somehow trade back and turn our 1st round pick into Rueben Randle or Josh Norman or Joe Adams and 3-4 of these other players I would do it in a heartbeat. Each one of these players I feel would be great fits with our team and have the upside to become quality NFL starters. Assuming no overwhelming steal exists at pick 30 (Kendall Wright or Coby Fleener), I would rather play the law of averages and draft 4-5 guys on this list over any one player at pick 30.

Kirk Cousins- QB
BJ Coleman- QB

Rueben Randle- WR
Joe Adams- WR
Nick Toon- WR
Devon Wylie- WR
Elvis Akpa- WR
Brian Quick- WR
Marvin Jones- WR
Gerrell Robinson- WR
Greg Childs- WR

Isaiah Pead- RB

Andrew Datko- OT

Derek Wolfe- DE
Malik Jackson- DE

Janzon Jackson- FS

Josh Norman- CB
Dwight Bentley- CB
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