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Alright, Draft boys! Who's your draft crush?

Just saw Stephen Hill's combine. Yes please. Will have to trade up ahead of NE in the first to get him though.
Cordy Glenn, I hope he falls.
Stephen Hill easily.

Poe and Glenn would be awesome. especially Glenn since he is a position of need.
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You can't ask me questions like this. My brain will explode.

By position:

RB - Robert Turbin, Utah State
WR - Kendall Wright, Baylor (honorable mention: Elvis Akpla, Montana State)
TE - Coby Fleener, Stanford
OG - Cordy Glenn, Georgia (honorable mention: Ryan Miller, Colorado)
C - Peter Konz, Wisconsin

DE - Kendall Reyes, Connecticut
NT - Dontrari Poe, Memphis (honorable mention: Hebron Fangupo, BYU)
OLB - Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma
CB - Robert Golden, Arizona
FS - Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State
SS - Kelcie McCray, Arkansas State

This is basically my list for the most part, although I like Josh Norman at CB and the two Marvin's(McNutt and Jones) at WR.

Switch Golden and Lewis out with Tru Johnson and Bruce Irvin and our crushes are the same. I like Brian Quick and Marvin Jones as well. I cant lie and say Stephen Hill didnt impress me. For the sole reason that he came out of a run-happy offense, I would assume he can block very well. JH loves Wrs that are willing to bloc and tht can do it well.
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i foresee a draft day trade that will help us get both fleener and stephen hill! i would jizz in my pants if that happened.

We draft Hill at 30 then trade up to get Fleener in the 2nd

id rather take a chance and draft back and get more picks, but maybe thts just me. i dont wanna give up picks.
I got 2 guys, Hill from GT and Josh Robinson CB from UCF.

Lamar Miller from The U
Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
mine is Jared Crick from Nebraska.. The guy plays smart and hard and is a good athlete. Not to mention, under the wing of Justin Smith this guy could become a beast. He can stuff the run, rush the passer and I believe is a perfect 3-4 DE...
Not on the Fleener bandwagon.

For me: Blackmon, Claiborne, Jenkins, Glenn, Floyd, Konz, Poe, Gilmore, Wilson, Hill, Streeter, Randle, Reyes

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Stephen Hill
Rueben Randle

This ^
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