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McShay on the Wr's in this draft

I think we should draft Marvin McNutt because of all the possible nicknames
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I would MUCH rather get Fleener in round 1, a DE/OLB in round 2 or CB depending on FA and need, and in rounds 3 and 4 get two WR's, one in Marvin Jones and another receiver.

Spread out the risk in WR's. Two draft picks means you have a better probability of hitting on one. Remember when the niners picked JJ Stokes in round 1 and Terrel Owens in round 3 or 4( cannot remember) after just a week of practice Steve Young when asked about his new target JJ Stokes said all I can say we got this kid from a small school named Terrel Owens, he is going to be special.

whats with everyone on fleeners nuts, i think allen and green are more athletic. is it just that he played for JH and stanford. Remember he did have the best qb in years throwing to him.

Allen runs better routes and is a bigger target than Allen, may definitely be more athletic than him as well. Allen ran like a 4.91 or something in the 40. He plays faster than that but still that shows a lack of explosion IMO. He can still be good but more athletic than Fleener? Most likely not IMO.
I kind of agree with McShay that some of these guys are overrated but there were some key omissions there. What about Mike Floyd? 6'3'' with good hands and a sub 4.5 40, made play after play for Notre Dame, and he played in a pro style offense his first year I think. What about Stephen Hill? He has more talent than most of the guys McShay mentioned, even though he's under developed as a WR because of GT offense. He is a great run blocker and always plays with 100%effort and has good hands. Kendall Wright's 40 time got all f'ed up but he plays so much faster than that and beat coverage to get open deep all the time. He is a good player. Rueben Randle quit on LSU? LAME. A lot of WRs would dissappear going up against Dre Kirkpatrick and Bama defense with Jordan friggin Jefferson throwing them the ball. Even when he got open JJ couldn't find him because he's a horrible quarterback. This doesn't even factor in the absolute s**t load of talent later on in the draft like 2nd-3rd round prospects such as Streeter, Marvin Jones, Marvin McNutt, to guys who will be a little bit later like the 3 Arkansas recievers, Chris Givens, AJ Jenkins, etc.
every year these draft "guru's" are wrong more often than not. Why would this year be any different?
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