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McShay on the Wr's in this draft

"I think they're all overrated," he said. "That doesn't mean they're not going to be good. I don't think Justin Blackmon is A.J. Green or even Julio [Jones] ones or even Michael Crabtree. He's really, really good, but certainly not Calvin Johnson or A.J. Green."

McShay's quick thoughts on some of the other receivers in this draft:
Kendall Wright, Baylor: "He should be in the top 25 picks. I really like him, but he drops a lot of passes and double catches some."

Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina: "If he wants to play, if he wants to work. You look at his body, yeah, he's down to 216, but he took a Jenny Craig 216 to cut weight. It was 240. He played at 235, I was told, and put on a little weight after, then just dumped weight. ... When the ball is in the air, he's as good as there is in this class. It's just, can he separate?

Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers: "I like him. He's physical, he has good hands, but he's way overrated. He can't get open."

Rueben Randle, LSU: "Of the guys are 6-2 and above, he can get down the field the best and is the most athletic. But he is still kind of developing as a route runner and quit on them. He quit on them in the national championship game."

While I dont agree completely with McShay I do agree that it would be better to simply take the BPA at #30 than reach for a WR. I still would take Wright in a heartbeat though.
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this is depressing
ive beens aying the same thing for a while no elite prospects

but floyd wright hill and randle all have first round grades alshon might depending on pro day and his 40 and vertical time
Everyone's got an opinion.
If Wright drops to the 30th pick, the Niners should sprint to the podium with the card. As long as RG3 gave the Niners his blessing on Wright's capabilities........
I trust Baalke and Harbaugh will find good talent. I could care less what ESPN "experts" think. That being said I stilll think Niners will get a WR in the 2nd or 3rd (or both).

I have a feeling Niners will trade out of the 1st round to aquire more picks to move up in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Just my opinion.
it's one guys opinion.
I think he's correct. Just gotta take the correct guy and coach him up. I think we all know that none of these guys are Julio, or Aj Green in terms of being able to help a team right away. Thus none of these guys are top 10 talent except maybe Blackmon.
I didn't need his evaluation, but it's nice to know that we are of the same opinion. There isn't a receiver that will be available to us in the draft that can come in and IMMEDIATELY help us out in our areas of weakness. There are some good prospects that can develop into big time weapons, but no one that I see defenses having to gameplan for out of the gate.
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lol I posted this in the Niner WR thread too. I think its refreshing to this though, instead of the on-air espn stupidity when he says stuff like "blackmon is the best WR since CJ" just to creat good tv.

I completely agree, at the moment Blackmon looks at best another Crabtree or Dez Bryant, he isn't CJ or AJ Green(based solely on his rookie year).

McShay has been wrong just as much as he has been right. Just thought people would find his comments interesting.
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Nothing like drafting another smurf that can't run.
I've been saying the same stuff for awhile. None of the top WR's are particularly impressive. You're just as likely to do well with a guy like McNutt or Marvin Jones later on in the draft. Several of the top guys have separation issues, Wright to me has been the most impressive but now people are down on him because of the 40 he ran, and then you have several projects like Streeter and Hill and sleeper type guys like Quick. I really like Fleener a lot but I'm down for BPA, regardless of whether it's a CB, OLB.......etc.
That's OK guys. Why? All the supposedly "value" picks are running better like Marvin, McNutt, etc. I really think we won't get a WR in the first two rounds. Instead, I can see us landing someone in the third or fourth. Instead, we could land one of those DE/OLB tweeners at #30.
the two guys i like are streeter and hill. i think there 2nd rounders so i wont be mad if we pass on a WR at 30. there are plenty to pick up in the next couple of rounds.
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