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Krizay mock 1.0

Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
You cover all the position needs in free agency and draft except the interior of the line. Snyder needs to be re-signed and they could use someone who can play C as well as G because Goodwin is the weak link on the line.

LIke the Secondary picks in Prater and Thomas. Not Sure if Thompson is the right fit in the 3-4, but I like the fact that you think the Niners need to build some quality depth on the d-line.

Goodwin just won the McKittrick award as our top lineman. He is not even close to being the weak link.
Originally posted by SteveYoung:
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
He had 2 sacks and 30 tackles this year. Complete waste of space. How is this not apparent to you?

I would assume since he was the starting ROLB on the NFL's best defense and the fact that he held his own would mean that he is NOT a waste of space. Stats dont tell the whole story.

I can also assure you that a rookie OLB will not be able to come in and assume the responsibities that Haralson assumes. If Aldon didn't start last year as the 7th overall, no OLB picked at #30 or in round two will start.

If ANYTHING, we will take an OLB in the premium rounds only if Brooks leaves. I think we will take a OLB in the later rounds. Maybe someone like Shea McClellin for depth purposes.

Either way, I think Aldon and Brooks start with Harlason seeing limited time as a backup. We need to get a player who can make an imediate impact, not a player who sits on the bench behind three other players.

Which is another reason why I doubt we take a DE in round 1 to sit on the bench behind Smith and McDonald.

Oh i am not arguing to take a OLB or DE in the first couple of rounds. I was just stating that Haralsons (well Lawson's really) replacement was already drafted. Haralson could not and get any pressure on the QB whatsoever.
Originally posted by krizay:
Originally posted by 23zack80:
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Originally posted by 23zack80:
So we're going to replace a very solid veteran player in Parys Haralson with an unproven rookie fourth round pick?

Haralson is a waste of space, and his replacement was already drafted last year

Do you have any reasonable explanations for your opinion? What has Haralson done to be a waste of space?

Absolutely nothing. he's a career backup. with limited upside.

wow this mock is just downright horrible
not feelin your offseason moves, don't like em at all
I am going to put it in the nicest way possible. I dont like it lol.
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
wow this mock is just downright horrible

hopefully 2.0 will be better!
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