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What position do we target in the first round next year?

QB unless a younger FA QB is signed.
Never take a 1st round WR - my opinion. So many stats that say most 1st round WRs become bust more often than any position. I say go CB.
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Shutdown CB my top priority
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Corner, Safety, WR.
What makes Green Bay better than us?
All Pro Receiver and All Pro Qb
I dont want to draft another Wr they're to risky
and i like alex but i dont know if he can take us to the Super Bowl
Depends on whats available and at this rate we will be picking late in the first round. At first glance I would say safety. Not a glaring need but it would be good to have a top talent back there to groom. I know there are plenty of big WR's coming out. I like Crabtree but to put someone like Michael Floyd or a speedster on the other side would be nice. The great thing about our team is how young we are. We are not too old at any position. QB is alos a consideration. Alex is Good and we did draft Kaep but you never know who will be out there. Until you are certain that you have your franchise QB than it's always a possibility.
For the first time I am happy to say.........BPA........All the way.

(minus MLB)
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It will be fun watching Harbaalke answer these questions. They just resigned Beeler to the PS so we know that they have plans for him. We have Tukuafu and Dobbs in training for the DE positions and we have RJF and I. Williams in training for the NT position. Culliver and Rogers appear to be the CBs of the future and BPA CB would be great to develop. Right now it looks like CB, RB, C, WR, RG are our major points but BPA is probably the direction we will go. Harbaalke has a lot of work to do to cover all of this one year contracts and to decide who they will keep and at what price.
Depending on who we resign. When can we resign them, are there any restrictions on when a team can resign their own players?
CB, Oline

Man, finally. this is hard to answer. No doubt we need another upstart OLB to help back up Brooks/Smith. I'd also like another Bowman-in-the-making at the MLB position (just in case). I think I'd still draft a more prototypical NT as well and have him push Sopoaga and elevate Williams/RJF. Maybe another McDonald-like DE in case Dobbs/Tukuafu don't continue to develop. I would certainly like a Megatron-like WR for our WCO to go with Edwards and Crabtree. Another "pure" FB. Another scat back.

A LT/RT to compete with Staley. This is probably our biggest need right now. Maybe a C as well. But we certainly need to sign our own first.
Oh yeah! Possibly a running back... I'd have no problem with that, depending on who's there and as long as it's the BPA.

Gore isn't gonna last more than a two or three more years and Hunter may only be a 3rd down/backup type. That remains to be seen, however.
Originally posted by NinerGM:
Never take a 1st round WR - my opinion. So many stats that say most 1st round WRs become bust more often than any position. I say go CB.

Larry Fitzgerald
Andre Johnson
Calvin Johnson
Roddy White
Jeremy Maclin
Dwayne Bowe
Anquan Boldin
AJ Green
Reggie Wayne
Kenny Britt
Santonio Holmes

All 1st round picks
Well, the weakest part of our team is still the offensive passing game. Assuming we resign Alex Smith for another year or two (Kap is not likely to be an improvement just yet), we should target a WR or a good pass blocking OT. It all depends on who shows the most. If Edwards plays well and is willing to resign for a reasonable contract then we are set at WR. (aside from adding depth). Likewise, if Anthony Davis matures and shows he can be a premier left tackle then we may be set there too. CB is also an area of concern. I'm not that impressed with Brown.

Bottom line, we should be in goood shape to just draft BPA. That is how good teams stay good.
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