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Position you feel we should be looking to draft

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I like out team and our reserve the best we've had in a long time.
In going over our depth chart (not like I don't know it like the back of my hand)

NT I'm still not comfortable with goal line stand. I love Sopo but will be scouting NT's and Big bodies
on the defesive side of college football for a draftie.

WR Also a tall wide received. Braylon looks better than crabtree. But he does drop balls and crabtree doesnt show up for preseason.
I don't want to be left with the cubert bare.

MLB I hope Bowman becomes all world but Ill be looking for somone like Ahmad size 6'3 260-255.
If Bowman works out its nice to have aback up with size.

What are your thoughts?
Secondary: CB 1st round and Safety 2nd round.
Offensive line: Guard and Center
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CB, QB and FS.
LT ( i think staley is an overrated POS)

in no particular order
WR (If they don't resign Edwards)
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
WR (If they don't resign Edwards)

This. Depending on what the our QB situation is at the end of the year. If Colin and Scott show promise I probably wouldn't draft a QB early.
Excluding QB from the equation for now . .

1. CB/S - Never too many good DB's
2. OLB - We have zero depth and Brooks will be a free agent
3. NT/DE - J. Smith isn't getting any younger.
4. WR - Ginn, Morgan and Edwards will all be FA's
5. C/OG - If Rachal has a good year and he re-signs this won't be a huge concern. I think they're going to groom Kilgore at center.
CB,NT,FB,WR,RG..In no particular order, but this should be our drafts 1st. 5 picks next year. Now if we resign Edwards and Morgan at WR, then we can go more PS and FA at the position. And if we got a guy like Shepard or Mc. Fadden at CB, then more the same mentioned. I agree with the poster above, J.Smith isnt getting any younger, but if we got a monster NT/DT (ala Raji, Suh,etc), then we could slide a guy like RJF to play behing Smith along with Dobbs..
yo, toppdogg, what are your thoughts on this?

CB will definitely be priority #1
QB dependin on how Alex does this year
OL likely second on priority list
Difference-makers, at any position. If we are sitting on the board, let's say at 7, and the best player is a LT, you get him, and figure the rest out later. This team needs difference-makers. Randall Cobb is a difference-maker, Von Miller is a difference-maker. Teams have to scheme against these players because they cause headaches for the opposition.
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Good Post and thank for your example Difference-makers.

I will be thinking on that.
Difference makers = really good players? Insightful.

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CB - examples: Kirkpatrick, his size would be one hell of a bonus for us against bodies like Brandon Marshall or Sidney Rice
S - Goldson only resigned for 1 year and he does have a monster year he could leave, luckily for us their is some decent depth at safety in this draft pool with Mark Barron and Ray Ray Armstrong

WR - I think this is contract year for Morgan if not mistaken(Someone please correct me because I can't find his contract numbers anywhere), if edwards doesn't pan out or reneges on his word and bails after having a monster year we could end up being 2 WR's down.....
Alshon Jeffery, Jeff Fueller an Justin Blackmon are all big bodied guys even if Blackmon is a bit shorter he his just as physically imposing.

DE/DT - Justin Smith is getting old and even if Dobbs comes through as his heir apparent we will need to bulk up on talented big men to fully transition to a 4-3/3-4 hybrid.
Quinton Coples is billed as a 4-3 guy but he could end up being a great addition to a hybrid like fangios
DT Brandon Thompson or Marcus Fortson seem like good DT/NT fits

OLB - I like the Tavares Gooden signing(sounds like we'll be switching him to OLB) but should he get hurt again the 9ers will end that experiment quickly.
I couldn't be happier with an Ahmad Brooks / Aldon Smith combo but imagine if we had Courtney Upshaw opposite of Smith?? That would be the scariest OLB tandem in the NFC

QB - You better believe it if we can get Luck we'll take him. Besides that I've always said that we took a QB this year to give Harbaugh something to do and to appease the fans. I know Harbaugh spent the entire 4 month span between his hire and the draft watching game film on QBs but he will probably have a scout team devoted solely to QBs this year and if we get the perfect storm of bad qb play from alex and lack of development from Kaepernick and Tolzien it'll be a given that the 9ers take a QB at somepoint. I'm really intrigued at the idea of seeing Harbaugh getting another Josh Johnson sized QB in Darren Thomas or Robert Griffin and developing him. Realistically unless we can get Luck it'll be another developmental QB and we will either sign another veteran or let Tolzien run the show for a year if Alex bombs it this season.
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