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If we got the 1st pick next year, do we take Luck even though we've got Kap?

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Originally posted by YungAce:
any lockdown corners? elite wideouts?

Yeah if there's another Patrick Peterson super freakish athletic corner...I'd definitely be tempted to go for him and just let harbaugh work his magic on smith+kaep and hope one of them is our guy for the future.

Still bummed that we were like 1 loss to the cards away from patrick peterson...:( Especially now that we know clements is gone and the replacements are drying up.

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Never pass on a QB like Luck even if you have Peyton Manning.
If we get the first pick, I assume a large part of it will be lack of QB production. That, combined with the fact that Luck is the most hyped QB prospect since Peyton Manning...

Yes, you absolutely take him. And you don't even consider trading the pick. Not for four 1st rounders or 2 probowl players. Players like Luck come around once in a decade, if that. Take him.
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