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If the talent is there, how about another OLB?

I'm hoping for Kendrick Ellis.

I think we'll get a CB though. There's some talented CBs hanging around. I think we're about to see a run on CBs
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It's possible one of these four will be there:

Akeem Ayers UCLA OLB
Justin Houston Georgia OLB
Brooks Reed Arizona OLB
Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh OLB

Would you if we took one?

I think Houstons best fit would be at 4-3 DE. I would be ok with Reed or Sheard

Why do you think Houston would be better at 4-3 DE?

His draft stock rose when UGA switched to a 3-4 last year and he played OLB. He recorded 18.5 Tackles for a loss and 10 Sacks. Which is more production than Reed and Sheard. I'm not saying Houston is going to be a star as a 3-4 OLB but to dismiss Houston as a 3-4 OLB is just wrong.

I don't like his ability to drop into coverage. I know he will be used primarily to get after the QB, but at times he will have to drop back. I just feel that he excels at getting after the QB, and as a 4-3 DE he will be able to do that more.

I don't doubt he could be effective as an OLB, I just feel he can be more effective with his hand on the ground
With constant pressure, we'll make our CBs into probowl players.

I say do it.
Dontay Moch can get after the QB. A beast
I would take Justin Houston.

Dude would have gone in the first if he didn't smoke that doobie. And I could care less about that....
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Dontay Moch can get after the QB. A beast

The Bengals agree. That's why they drafted him
I say hop on Sam acho tomorrow for round 4
what about mason foster? or chris carter?

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