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Greg Little "FREAK" Bandwagon - WR Tarheels

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Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Would have no qualms whatsoever if we drafted him in the 3rd, but I don't think we will.

He would be excellent value in the third. Almost every scout in the league would agree with that.

I grade Little as a high 2nd round talent, and he very well could go early to a team like St. Louis or Jacksonville who really need a WR.

I believe Little is even more explosive than his 4.50 forty indicate. He's a mismatch against smaller corners, as he will simply overpower and out-jump defensive backs for the ball, and is incredibly tough to bring down after the catch.
Been on the bandwagon for awhile. I would be thrilled to get this guy in the 3rd, although, I doubt that he makes it that far.

Having him and Crabtree on the field together would be excellent for our WCO.

He's got the most devastating stiff arm out of all the receivers in this draft.
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I just hope Baalke is on this bandwagon. Baalke and Harbaugh love big physical players and he fits that mold perfectly. A 7 yards slant with a stiff arm to the CB and then he jukes a safety. Plus he will will be a great blocker.
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