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Terelle Pryor considering entering supplamental draft

Dont get what all the racial stuff is about, like Stephen Colbert I don't see color, I only see black and white
Pryor "Much better athlete than a passer/quarterback." "Do not compare him to Cam Newton as a passer - not even close."

Supplemental draft still has not been established. Normally around mid-July if/when they have it. Pryor lot of work to do between now then

Highest grade so far was "maybe a 4th rounder, if that." One GM: "If I only watched Wisconsin game, I wouldn't give draftable grade."

All that being said, let's remember: It only takes one team to fall in love with Pryor.
RosenhausSports: Press Conference 2pm Tuesday with Terrelle Pryor and Drew Rosenhaus at the Foutainbleau in Miami Beach.
Lets draft him, he had like 92 speed in NCAA football last year
Originally posted by Youngone:
Lets draft him, he had like 92 speed in NCAA football last year

Colin ran a 4.5 40
Originally posted by FreddyG:
Originally posted by strickac:
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
Originally posted by strickac:
I hope we can grab him. He's the kind of prospect Harbaugh needs. I really like Kap, but Prior is more talented. I'd be much happier with Prior on the roster than Carr.

I know he's had his troubles, but I think a team would be willing to drop a 2nd on him. IMO, he's a steal in the 3rd.

how so?? are you an osu fan?

The guy is just always two steps ahead of everyone else on the field. He's a phenomenal athlete, who actually looks comfortable throwing, unlike most athletic QBs.

BTW, no, I'm not a Buckeye fan. In fact, OSU is easily one of my least favorite teams.

cant tell if serious

I am serious and I'd take him over Cam. That's not to say I'd draft him in the 1st necessarily though. I was assuming that after next season he'd start to gain some momentum to get him into the mid-late 1st.

Also, I'm not seeing him as a TE. He doesn't has the base or strength to be an effective blocker inside. Worst case, he's a better version of Brad Smith. I don't see him getting out of the 3rd and I would be too surprised if a playoff-caliber team invested a late 2nd in him.

BTW, I think hes probably a pretty arrogant guy, but to my knowledge he's not a trouble maker. From what I know about Pryor, he's only been mixed up in a couple petty incidents, nothing news worthy for most guys.
Only for WR.....
Originally posted by TheGoldenState:
Originally posted by Youngone:
Lets draft him, he had like 92 speed in NCAA football last year

Colin ran a 4.5 40

On a bad leg! That i still have no idea what the f**k happened to that leg!!!
will flame out in 3 years. book it.
he sucks as much as Kaepernick.
Aaron Brooks 2.0
Brad Smith 2.0
Matt Jones 2.0?
Terrelle Pryor 1.0

Jarret Brown 2.0
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