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Northvan49erman Mock with trades

It's definitely not how i would want the draft to go but i don't think it's bad. I like having a dominant Offensive line so if Baelke and Harbaugh want Pouncey them i'm in. When Troy Polamolu got drafted he went in the 20's??? I remember thinking he was going to be great and so many teams passed him up because of draft value or higher needs. I say BPA means that if there is a player you think will be great and it will upgrade the position than go for it. Obviously there are huge needs but your trading back tries to address them. Was also wondering where you go for your draft projections. I go to cbssports but they have Kendrick Ellis as a 2nd rounder?
Originally posted by jacklegniner:
Was also wondering where you go for your draft projections. I go to cbssports but they have Kendrick Ellis as a 2nd rounder?

Yeah, I've come to believe the draft is a total crap shoot.

The first year I really got into the draft was last year. The thing I remember most was how far off projections were.

Parrish Cox is the example that sticks out for me. Almost every 49er mock draft had us taking him in the 2nd round, and non one objected.

If someone had him rated as a 3rd rounder, that person would get laughed at and told they didn't know what they were talking about; that he would never fall that far.

Cox went in the 5th round.

Pro Football Weekly puts their draft magazine out just before the superbowl, and they have brooks reed listed as a 6th or 7th round pick. Now, he is expected to go in the late 1st.

and, most recently I recall Maddog posting in this forum that Von Miller would be a 2nd round pick in this year.

so, I think there is some science to it, but, its a lot of seeing a few things you like in a player, assesing possible reasons that he might drop down ie. character concerns, and recognizing team needs.
Originally posted by hofer36:
Originally posted by northvan49erman:
Trade #7 and # 115 to NE for #17 and #28.

Package our two 7th rounders for a 6th next year.


#17- G, Mike Pouncey, Florida –

Love the pedigree. 49ers solidify the guard position for the next decade; boast the best young offensive line in football. Bye Chilo.

#28- CB, Jimmy Smith, Colorado –

Take a chance on him. Most upside of any corner in the draft.

#45 – OLB, Akeem Ayers, UCLA –

Might be gone by here, but who knows. We get our OLB edge rusher. If not him, then maybe reach/trade down for Chris Carter. Or

OLB, Brooks Reed, Arizona – Kind of an all arounder, without a quick first step, but a hard worker.

#76 – QB, Ricky Stanzi, Iowa –

PFW has him as the third ranked QB. Decent arm strength. Smart. More of a mental project than a physical one for Harbaugh. I like spending a third on a QB rather than a 2nd/late 1st. Its less of a commitment, he'll have less pressure, and We could still go in another direction if something amazing comes along.

# 108 – NT, Kendrick Ellis, Hampton –

Might fall because of character concerns. Huge upside again.

#141 – FB, Owen Marecic, Stanford –

A popular pick by many. Prototypical FB, great blocker… not much of a rushing threat though. With four FB's all around the same draft position, he could be around here.

# 174 – RB, Noel Devine, West Virginia –

Guys stock has fallen so much. Might be around here. Finally get a change of pace back.

#190 – ORT, Carl Johnson, Florida –

More character concerns, but comes in with Pouncey. Project backup, with Staley’s injury concerns. I dunno, I always have faith in guys like Harbaugh to mitigate character concerns.

#238 (comp) CB, Richard Sherman, Stanford – Raw, with a big ego. Converted WR. Upside.

#249 (comp) ILB - Derrell Smith, Syracuse - switched to linebacker after two years of playing RB, DE and OLB... still raw.

i dont think akeem ayers projects as a great edge rusher...he wasnt at ucla

How about if you switched #17 and #45 to Aldon Smith and Steve Wisniewski.. Yyyeeeaaahhh!!!!! Now that would be a hell of a draft.
I'd like it a lot more if we got a QB with the second pick
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Pats would never make that trade, but word...

You're on the clock in the Vet forum.
Originally posted by teeohh:
I'd like it a lot more if we got a QB with the second pick
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