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2011 NFL Draft: DT/NT class

ESPN has been suggesting Paea can be a good penetrating type NT. May fit Fangio's style.
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Yep, trade with the Pat,s and get the 17th and 33 pick for the 7th and 141th grab Phil Taylor and wait till the next day and have the first pick of the 2nd rd.
One question, according to how the stanford defensive players have mentioned their D and what's been said so far. It seems our NT will still be like franklin in one gap type, so who fits that best for us? does taylor fit even though he's big like a 2 gap NT ?
I would like to see a midround, unselfish guy who doesn't mind doing the dirty work. A high round guy might see himself as a star, and become a Haynesworth problem. A guy like Fua might fit that description.

Just for reference--NFL TV review of Fairly suggested that he could play any position on the line including NT.
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