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Wonderlic scores for the QBs

Originally posted by DesiDez:
From Chris Mortensen

QBs prepped more in this era. McElroy 43, Gabbert 42, Ponder 35, Stanzi 30, Dalton 29, Mallett 26, Newton 21, Locker 20. What does it mean?

Nothing!!!!!!! Those test dont show how good of a player somebody will be. Just watch the film!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Dshearn:
Originally posted by binary2nd:
Originally posted by Dshearn:

JUST AS the test has NOTHING to do with being an NFL QB.

The modern NFL disagrees.

Does it?

When did the NFL tell you that?

Or do you mean on field performance like QBs that have played in the last few years?

Like probowls?

3x matt hasselbeck(23)


11x brett farve (22)

4x mike vick(20)

3x dante cullpepper (18)

6x Donan Mcnabb (16)

2x Vince Young(15)

1x david garrard (14)

Or maybe You mean like HALL OF FAME TYPE QBs


Joe Montana (21)

Steve Mcnair (18)

Dan Marino (15)

Randel Cunningham (15)

Jim Kelly (14)

terry bradshaw (13)

Thanks for proving my point, now go look at the best QBs in the league and look at their scores. You're reaching. Also, Hasselbeck scored a 29.
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