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Big D mock

Originally posted by rk1642:
Originally posted by Sjceruti:
I would actually love Quinn if he's there but we dont have a QB...

Yeah, I know but I think Jim either keeps Alex as a starter for a year or two while the qb he picks in this years draft sits and learns the playbook or he goes FA. I don't think there is a FA qb thats worth much but he may go that route if he thinks Alex is damaged goods. In any event, he can solidify the D for years with a solid D draft and slowly build the WCO up over a couple of years.

Alex and Baalke have both stated numerous times that he shall not be back next season.
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Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Don`t see Aldon Smith falling to our 2nd, will go before that IMO.

This. No way Aldon Smith is there in the 2nd round. What's even funny is listing Moch as an alternate option.

One guy is a top 20 pick the other guy will be lucky to go in the 3rd round.

You may be right but if he has a huge combine, which he probably does and runs the 40 in under 4.5, he goes in the 3rd for sure and probably the 2nd round. May not make sense to you but a player with physical skills like he has are hard to pass up.

Maybe the grading of each guy is different but I think they both have the potential to be great pass rushing OLB's. We'll see.
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