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My big beef with webzoners is they always want to rebuild, and not build.

2. A speedster WR in round 2, is this speedster any faster than Ted Ginn or Kyle Williams? Why use a second round pick on a person who might not make an impact.

Round 2, I love the mathews pick, I think upper third is where he will be drafted.

round 4, I have Cal season tickets, Shane vereen is not an upgrade over Gore, dixon or Westbrook (assuming he comes back). If westbrook does not go back then I am ok with vereen.

Why not go DL or DE or OLB with round 1. A fierce pass rush helps the corners

Ginn is highly likely to never live up to his draft potential now and a WR that is among the top 64 players in his draft class obviously has a higher ceiling than a 6th round WR thus why people go that route.

He never said Vereen would be an upgrade, he labeled him as a compliment to Gore.

And I don't really see him rebuilding here, moreso building on what we already have in place and filling holes.