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Tank the year?

Andrew Luck is so much better than any QB in this draft that I'm wondering if the 9ers should build our DL and trade away as many picks as possible. Play Carr or draft a qb in the 6th and play him.

I know the 49ers have many holes other than qb. And I know if we had a decent qb then we"d be in great shape to make playoffs due to a sub par NFC West. But without a GREAT qb, we are not winning a suberbowl. And while playoffs would be nice, it's ultimatly all about championships.

Teams will never admit to tanking a year but this might be the best move for the 9ers.
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im sorry but thats a terrible first post

i would not want to watch a year of losing let alone losing on purpose. too much talent on this team to waste a year of peoples career and longevity
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Nope. You play football to win. The worst team gets luck and that's that.
Originally posted by KRS-1:


However, I don't expect the 49ers to win the division either. Harbaugh needs time to install his offensive system. I'm not sure if one offseason will be enough to get it running smoothly.
seriously get out
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
seriously get out

This. I hope you never post again.

you're not worthy
you waste your first post on that nonsense?
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