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We just called a mini-mulligan for the 09 draft.

What a great draft this year..

Bowman will replace Takeo, and he will be a good replacement
Taylor Mays will replace Michael Lewis, probably a good replacement also
Iupati already looks like hes gonna be a beast, and Davis is looking good for a Rookie and will only get better
Phillip Adams looked good this offseason and preseason as well as kyle williams

Trent Baalke

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But Jesus love Glen Coffee, and so should you.
looking back at the 09 draft, we did terrible.

Pascoe is not a niner, and was cut by the giants but on there PS.

Coffee found GOD and retired.

Nate Davis was cut and put on PS.

Crabtree may or may not be a Diva, and has a "Diva Clause" IN his contract.

McKillop is injured.

Taylor has potential, but hasnt had enough time yet to show so.

While RJF is the best besides Crabs.

Now 08 sucked too. Balmer Gone. Wallace Gone. and I think Clayton Gone(Or was he a 07 pick).

Of course Reggie Smith looks good.

Overall i feel much better with Baalke and Sing at the helm then Nolan and McClueless.
Originally posted by 23zack80:
1st round receiver vs. 6th round receiver
2nd round safety vs. 7th rounds safety
3rd round linebacker vs. 5th round linebacker
6th round tightend vs. 6th round tightend
3rd round runningback vs. 6th round running back

Late round picks aren't expected to be starters. They are expected to fill roles and be special teamers. Calling this draft a mini-mulligan doesn't make sense since all of your comparisons are early picks to late picks or late picks to late picks.

I believe I know where you're coming from with this statement, but I would have to disagree with this statement. Regardless of where a player is drafted, that player is expected to fully perform the responsibilities of a role/position. Every player has the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities during training camps and the remainder of preseason, so every player has the opportunity to become a starter commensurate to their demonstrated abilities.
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