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49ers sign LeGarret Blount

If you were laid off from your job and a company came calling with an offer, you'd jump at it...but if another company called tHe same day with better chance for success, you wouldprobably change your mind. I really like Blount and I think he can possibly be a star in the league. I wanted him on teh Niners, but I didn;t understand where he'd fit...better situation for him in hate.

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Originally posted by bayarealuv:
seriously?? WEAK SAUCE..

my homeboy was ravin' about this cat yesterday too.. he was comparing him to brandon jacobs

Anthony Dixon is much more similar to Brandon Jacobs... size/speed combo with the brutal stiff arm. Legarrete Blount isn't overly big or fast, but a pretty nimble player for his size (with a case of the Brian Leonard leaps).
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