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Who's your Surprise pick @ #13??

Originally posted by ninertico:
Mike Iupati

This one is another for me. I don't think he's that good to go that early. I think even at 17 he might be a reach. He struggled in the senior bowl.
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Originally posted by WildBill:
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but yeah gotta agree 1000%

Ya I would not be happy but you know Sing has got to love him as a person ... prolly not as a player though.
Bobby Guillory
Originally posted by pd24:

and Mays
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Originally posted by valrod33:

Ben Roethlisberger
Tebow sounds like a f*g
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The "surprise" to me will be who didn't get picked higher up.

Drafting a WR last year was a BIG surprise but not when that WR turned out to be a player that would otherwise have been a Top 5 pick.

Same deal goes this year. IF one of the top 4 OLs are there, the 49ers will grab him. If not, then they go CB. If the top OLs are gone AND Haden, I will be surprised. At that point, Iupati or Brown would be the choice, but that would not be a surprise.

Not saying I'm routing for this, but I'm gunna say We shock everyone, go Spiller at 13 then Haden or Dez Bryant at 17 and then address the line in the second round. As I said I'm not Necessarily routing for this but Drafts have taught me the more you THINK you know, the more you DON'T know! Then again we should ask MadDog what we will do, that guy is usually pretty accurate!
Earl Thomas!!!!! .. more realistic at #17
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