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Trade down possibilities

So, I'm trying to compile a list of teams that would want to trade up with us and give us some extra picks. Please help me come up with additional teams which may fit this description. So far I have:

San Diego: May move up to grab Ryan Matthews or CJ Spiller.
Houston: Again, may move up to get Matthews.
Philly: Reports say they want Thomas or Berry, and have extra picks to deal.
Dallas: It seems they want Bryant or Thomas pretty badly.

Add any additional teams, and the player(s) they may want to trade with us to move up for, and I'll list them here. Please note these would be trades only involving our 13th or 17th picks.
I would much rather trade down in this draft. We may be able to pick up some extra 2nd round picks like the Patriots have. I think there is a lot of value in the 2nd round in this years draft. Plus #13 and especially #17 won't necessarily be elite players.
If Clausen fell to us, I think some team would want to trade up.
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