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OTC's Draft Day Mock 2010

Nice Work OTC

First I will finally call you out on your hard on for R Jones

Overall I could live with this very easily, almost all needs are met and we would be entering a new season on a good note. One thing that did stick out to me..If Spiller is no longer available, and Seattle does not take a tackle with their first 1st-rounder, the 49ers will select Brown at 13 knowing that he likely will not make it 17. As Baalke said, "We're going to get the players we have targeted. I promise you that." So, under regular assumptions if Sea takes an OT and Spiller slips to 13 we take him. How certain would you say you are that if that scenario did happen Spiller would be drafted by us?
honestly if Clausen falls to 26, I wouldnt mind trading our 2nd rounder this year and something next year to go get him. He's going to be good, but he needs time. We build the OL and get some DB help in the 3rd, honestly, why not get him? He can be the QB of the future, but i think he needs to learn how to take responsibility and how to play in the team dynamic. He has always had everything given to him so this would be like a aaron rodgers situation.

but the one thing is if smith struggles, people will start clamoring for clausen and i rather have him sit and then start next year.
I like it because we get our Oline solidified, we get the backfield two high quality players, and we get our dline some support, and our linebackers as well. Then if we pick up some kind of gem in the undrafted free agents, it would be icing on the cake. A good draft as far as I can see. I would be content. I would like Spiller but this draft is solid all around.
Originally posted by Jakemall:
I would be estatic if this happened...

The UDFA pickups also..
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It's solid.
I like your selections enough... but if this is, as you say, a draft that you expect to happen rather than a wishful draft... why do you have Clausen falling so far and then saying that you think someone will trade up for him?
Awesome! Nice to see another person like the Two OL in the first theory.

Do you really think that the Bills will value A. Davis more than Bulaga? Also, wouldn't Bulaga be of better value given that he's ready to go and more disciplined. Sure, Davis has the higher ceiling. Also, Brown over Bulaga, too? Hmmmm...

The fact is that we land an OT in the first. I personally am hoping for Bulaga or Davis as I am not to sure on Brown.

In this case, I love Iupati as he can compete and take over for Baas. He would be the perfect mauler to drive the so called "two yards" that Singletary preaches. Heck, I could see A. Davis and Iupati manning that left side next year. I just don't know how Iupati could be of value as we would be limiting his plays because of Baas' experience.

Still, I like me Staley-Iupati-Hietmann-Rachal-Brown.

Do you think that Iupati can supplant Baas this year or will it be until next?
Great job, OTC.

One question, do you really think Taylor Mays is going to fall off from top 49?
If the first 3 rounds went they way you have them projected, that would be a great draft in my book. I'm not very knowledgeable about the guys you have in rounds 4 and beyond, so I don't want to comment on those.

I've been a big fan of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah for some time, and I think Charles Brown will end up being a very good LT in this league. Overall, nice work.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
1a.) Charles Brown
1b.) Kyle Wilson

I agree. Would prefer Wilson over Iupati. I think we are going to badly need a top CB for the present and more importantly the future.

C. Brown at #13 = Baalke in the unemployment line.
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very good draft OTC! I think I would switch some later rounds since I think Weston will be selected in the 6th but if we ended Saturday with this draft, I would be estatic! Great job
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Love to get any combination of an OT and Iupati in the first and get this OL fixed already. Rest of the draft looks good to me too. Good job.
I could see it going like that but I think I'd stab myself in the foot if it went down like that. I'd take Bulaga over Brown and I'd take a corner at 17 like Wilson.
I don't know about drafting Brown over Bulaga. Other than that if the draft falls like that I'd rather have Iupati than any of the pass rushers at available 17.
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