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Is all this Clausen talk a Smoke Screen?

Is all this Clausen talk a Smoke Screen?

We know that we can't beleive a word of what comes out of the mouths of ANY NFL team in the weeks leading up to the draft.

Beatwriters are in a frenzy trying to come up with the next big story, angle, strategy, projected possible draft prospect etc...

There's been quite a bit of talk that I have seen, at least 3-5 articles, regarding us drafting Clausen. Some saying we are strongly considering it, others saying it would be a horrible move for us etc. Honestly I haven't read all of them, but I have been seeing it as a common theme.

Question is, do you think there's any substance and validity to the notion... or is it Bulls**t, or somewhere in between?

If it was still McCloughan I'd say smoke screen, but with Balki Bartakomous as acting person in charge of the draft, it's really hard to gauge. He hasn't been allowed to address the media, and he just made a bold move in making a trading, something us as fans have not been used to recently.

I'm still calling bulls**t though... what do u think?
I say it is. Wouldn't be surprised if we trade down with a team who wants him and acquire more picks.
They don't have the luxury of using the pick on a QB unless they trade to get the player they really want. And really, the 9ers staff have not fueled this fire, the local writers have. And I'm getting tired of Matt M. revisiting it when there is NO new info.
We do the same thing every year.
i dont see any other way... no way we actually drafy him if hes there... just trying to see what we could get for a trade... i hope we dont trade it tho, we need those 2 picks
Definitely a smoke screen. Maybe we can score a good trade out of it, although we do need quite a bit of help on the Oline. If the top 4 tackles are gone and Clausen is getting trade interest. I say trade back, get an extra pick and fill our positions of need within the first round.

I also think it is likely that he will fall, unless Seattle, Oak, or the Bills grabs him. They may look into trade though as well, since they all have several needs. It should be interesting on draft day.
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no way to tell it's not liken the niners are the guys putting this info out there. One draft guy says he thinks the niners could take him and folks just start writing articles about it.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:

If that´s true it will be so Dumb!!!! We don´t need a QB, we need help in other areas.
With Alex going into the 2nd year of Jimmy Raye´s offense will be enough, and also we have David Carr now.

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I hope they draft him.
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it better be a smokescreen..we are set at qb, we just need someone who can protect him...dangit
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