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No OT in 1st mock...

I wanted to make a mock without an OT taken with our top 2 picks. My main concerns are OT/OG, FS/CB, ILB, OLB, WR, RB with speed. The Ted Ginn trade takes care of our need of PR/KR and pretty much ends the need for Spiller. I know Abreyo(sp?) Franklin is tagged, but I hope the niners extend him since we finally have a servicable NT. Next years draft we will grab someone to groom behind him.

Here it is:
1a Earl Thomas-FS Texas
-Dynamic ball hawk in the back field, also has speed to go with the instincts. I know some dont think he is a willing tackler, but he's a tough player... besides Willis and Goldson have the RB's locked down.

1b Brandon Graham-OLB Michigan
- Elite pass rusher, I like lawson in coverage and feel he's solid but not the pure pass rusher we hoped for. Graham opposite of Brooks will keep opposing OL's and QB's sweating for many years. This pick also indirectly makes our DB's look better with more pressure on the QB.

2nd John Jerry-RT/OG TCU
*alternate pick
Vladimir Ducasse-RT/OG Mass
- We pick our RT. With the Jerry visit, I hope Solari saw something at Indy. Jerry is athletic enough to make the switch outside. Worst case, he stays inside as an upgrade over Bass. Vlad is another option if Jerry is gone.

3rd Mardy Gilyard-WR Cincinnati
*alternate pick
Jerome Murphy-CB USF
Brandon Ghee-CB Wake Forest
- I hope we take Gilyard if he's available. He will be a great addition to our WR corps. We have Crabtree at #1 and then Morgan, but he has been up and down, Hill hasn't gotten much time...but why? Then things go down from there. Alex needs another capable WR with some speed to keep some pressure off of VD and Crabs. Ginn will be a situational WR and primarily a KR specialist. IF our WR is not there or a better CB is available, then we grab one. I am not as worried about CB as most on the forum. Spencer and T. Brown are solid and in their prime years. Clements is still a good CB and is great in run support. Bly or Harris will also assist in the nickle. NT and CB are going to be our top DEF priorties come next FA and draft.

4th Brandon Spikes-ILB Florida
*alternate pick
Donald Butler-ILB Washington
- We have to grab the successor to Takeo here, Brandon would be a good choice since Takeo would do everything he can to help his nephew succeed. Butler would also be a great candidate.

6th O'Brien Shofield-OLB Wisconsin
*alternate pick
Tony Washington-OT Abilene Christian
- This is BPA...whoever slips and fills a need is who we go after. Shofield could sit on IR while he recovers from his injury and be a situational pass rusher in 2011. Washington could have been a 2nd or 3rd rounder if it wasn't for his sexual relations with his sister.

6th Comp Deji Karim-RB Souther Illinois
- We need a speed HB that can take it to the house on a screen. This small school player ran a 4.4 and wasn't invited to the combine. we take a flyer on him with our comp pick.

7th BPA
- Another pick like Ricky Jean from last year... someone with alot of talent but some issue that made then slip. I'd like to also look at a blocking TE.

Have at it
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This is probably my favorite mock I've seen...I'd love this!!!!
Originally posted by JD81:
This is probably my favorite mock I've seen...I'd love this!!!!

agreed. but did spikes draft stock drop that much? a few months ago people thought he was a 1st rounder
thanks guys,

yes Spikes has taken a big hit, but it only takes 1 team to take him in the late 2nd or 3rd and then we look to Butler. Teams question spikes timed speed, ran a 5.01 at his pro day. His game tape looks better though, maybe hes a game speed guy??
Absolutely Marvelous!
Best and most realistic I've seen so far. Except I can't see Gilyard falling to the 3rd round. He may not even make it to our pick in the 2nd round.
I like the mock, but be careful because somebody might accuse you of having a man crush on Thomas.
Gilyard could go in the 2nd, but he's rated as a 3rd according to nfldraftscout. his 40 time has dropped him a bit, He was a high 1st, early 2nd prior to the combine, but his 4.6 has him sliding a bit. His elusiveness is what I like and he had good production at cinci which was a good program the last 2 seasons.

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