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MadDog's Big 255 Board: Final Weekend Edition

Nice job MadDog!
As always MD

Obviously once the names start getting called everything will go crazy and we will be able to see who the movers and shakers are. But in a general sense you are your favorites say 3 for each round, who are the guys you would love to have? Also once the draft is officially over what are you hoping we come away with?
as always MD great Job, dont agree with Davis at 6, but you never know.

Again props buddy,
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
George Selvie; late sixth rounder? Big Drop?

His draft stock is falling apart as time passes. Barely broke 5.00 in his forty times, which is so much dramatically slower than many of the talented small school stars.

I think Selvie could completely fall out of the draft.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
George Selvie; late sixth rounder? Big Drop?

His draft stock is falling apart as time passes. Barely broke 5.00 in his forty times, which is so much dramatically slower than many of the talented small school stars.

I think Selvie could completely fall out of the draft.

agreed, Not huge on Selvie anymore.
Originally posted by mayo63:
Mad, what are you hearing on Charles Brown. Also, don't you have it reversed, shouldn't it be Thomas at #13 and Brown at #17?

Don't think Brown will last that long. The Giants have issues at LT, and Brown could slide in and start right away. I hear the team is shaky on William Beatty. If nothing else, somebody would jump above the Niners to select Brown at 15 or 16.

Teams are really high on his potential. He has all the intangibles of a talented LT in the NFL.
Originally posted by thuglife619:
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
George Selvie; late sixth rounder? Big Drop?

same with 238 Trevard Lindley Kentucky CB

To me, Lindley is 50-50 to get drafted. I think he's in deep doggie doo as he is, at best, a late 5th rounder who will not offer much in special teams.

This offseason has been brutal for Lindley. Regularly roasted at the Senior Bowl practices, and posts a fairly slow 40 time for somebody who needed a big comeback.

It is sad to see. He was a great prospect at one time, just like Selvie.
Originally posted by 9erHIGH:
c.brown at 13... good i'm not THAT crazy.

assuming the top 3 OTs and j.haden and cj spiller are off the board,
i think we should go

13 c.brown
17 m.iupati or m.pouncey
49 a.owusu-ansah

To me, that is a VERY GOOD draft, especially when you add Ginn to the mix as our 5th rounder. Owusu-Ansah is going to be an outstanding NFL player.
Dan Williams seem kinda low. But thanks for your work.
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Originally posted by krizay:
162 Walter McFadden Auburn CB
188 Dan LeFevour Central Michigan QB
189 Ed Wang Virginia Tech OT

IMO are all 1 round later than they will be drafted. With the 1st 2 closer to 2 full rounds later than they will be.

You may be right with McFadden and Wang. I'll go through both. McFadden's big concern was weight. He solved one hurdle at his pro-day by hitting 180 pounds. And, he ran pretty fast at 4.40. The problem I perceive will limit him to a 5th rounder is strength. McFadden only put up 5 reps at 225, and he will have to prove on tape better strength to be drafted earlier. I'll take a look again, but I doubt that I would have him in the 4th round area. We'll see.

As for Wang, he's got a lot of bad tape. Better this season, but I just don't see a lot of interest. Some of these smaller schoolers, like Ramon Harewood, are going to leap frog him. Once again, I'll take a peek.

As for LeFevour, I think you have a guy with serious limits in his upside, and the emergence of Skelton, Jarred Brown, Jonathan Crompton, Levi Brown, Edwards (as a Wildcat), I just believe LeFevour is going to struggle to gain much attention. He's probably the least likely to move up a round from where I have projected.

Thanks for the input. The board is still evolving, and there is still some movement to go the next couple days.

MD, what are your thoughts on Kyle Wilson and do you think the 49ers are at all considering him at 17 (if OT is selected at 13) should the Titans not select him at 16?
Originally posted by joey82:
Maddog I think there are some errors

207 J'Marcus Webb West Texas A&T OT
Shouldn't it be West Texas A&M?

54 Brian Price* UCLA DT
55 Sean Lee Penn State LB
56 Lamarr Houston Texas DT
57 Linval Joseph East Carolina DT
58 Jason Worilds* Virginia Tech DE/OLB
59 Akwasi Owusu-Ansah Indiana (Pa.) CB
54 Carlos Dunlap* Florida DE

You have two number 54s Sean Lee and Carlos Dunlap

Also I triple checked the list and didn't see Brandon Carter anywhere on there? Did I/you miss him or do you really think he will go undrafted?

Thanks for the correction on A&M, and Dunlap, who should have been listed as 60. Corrections made.

As for Carter, I think he'll go undrafted. In a very deep draft, there simply won't be as many guards as in previous drafts. And, although Carter was a solid college player, his physical limitations are going to be a problem at the next level, especially when stacked against late-round guards like Charlie Tanner. The final issue is versatility, and that is where a player like Reggie Stephens will be drafted over Carter. These late round OL generally have abilities to play more than one position.

We'll have to see. I just think it is a numbers game he loses.
Originally posted by teeohh:
Why Earl Thomas if on your other board had Graham ranked as one of our top players

The Big Board is how I think the draft will play out. My Draft Board is how I would play it out if GM. I think Graham is a better draft prospect than JPP, but let's be realistic, JPP is going to be selected first.

That is the difference.
I wouldn't be surprised if Nate Allen went bottom of the 1st to th Vikings or cowboys. I know cowboys have a need at LT but Free was adequate last year.
Originally posted by SWAGG-ER:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
With the draft only four days away, here is my second-to-last installment. I will post one more final installment mid-week, with just a few minor touches. The board is almost 100% set with all 255 players.

I have made a first round mock for all to see. I do believe there will be a substantial amount of trades (I don't believe Haden will play for the Broncos, but think he will drafted 11th overall).

One note: Huge leaps for some players gaining huge momentum: Charles Brown could end up a top 10 pick. I would not be surprised to see the Bills select him at 9; Morgan Burnett put on one of the best off-season workouts this offseason, and could be an early second rounder; Linval Joseph is a hot name as a 3-4 NT or DE.

The rest of the rounds are not mock driven, although I have slid Nate Allen into the 49th overall pick conveniently for the crowd, and have Arthur Moats in the general area of the Niners' 4th round pick.

I have made a late addition to some of the injured players who had, and in some cases, still have, injury issues: Wisconsin OLB O'Brien Schofield and Oregon CB Walter Thurmond (I am more skeptical Thurmond will be drafted). Slotting Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech is a disaster. He continues to cancel workouts, for all teams (he was supposed to work out today), and probably will not perform a workout for all teams before the draft. He will end up a late-first, early-second rounder, in my opinion (it looks like the Rams are taking a big look with their 33rd).

Any questions on players, reasons for placement, feel free to ask.

UMMMM.... IDK what you're talking about. BEY-BEY worked out today....

How can you possibly have Kareem Jackson rated so low? He's a sure fire 1st round pick and you have him @ 36...

Same goes for the TCU boys Hughes and Washington. They may be the most pro-ready defensive players in this entire draft.

Sorry for the confusion. This morning, it was reported that Thomas would NOT work out for scouts. I posted my Big Board at 1PM. At 7PM, the story on Thomas' workout today broke. So, count me as one of the suprised.

As for Jackson, he is a bubble first rounder. In a normal year, he'd pretty much be a lock. However, there are so many POTENTIAL first rounders this year, that I have him just outside. Somebody has to be outside. It simply becomes a numbers game.

Jackson's final status will probably be determined by how quickly the top CB's go off the board, and if Minnesota pulls the trigger on Cook or McCourty.

Since I have him at 36, it wouldn't be a shock to see him in the late 20's-final pick in the first round. I just have him slightly outside.
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