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It Seems More and More Probable That Bulaga will fall to us

Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by LottOfDefense:
I think so too. There are 6 teams to worry about, Wash, KC, Sea, Cle, Oak, and Buff

Wash - takes Okung

KC -Pioli said this week that Albert is next year's starting LT. I highly doubt they draft a RT at #5, especially when they have an adequate RT on the roster (forgot his name). Pioli does not use smokescreens like most GMs do this time of year. My dark horse pick for them is McClain since it may be too early to go for a safety.

You're right, drafting a tackle to be a RT in the top 5 would be silly

so here's my guess
rams - sam bradford
lions - suh
bucs - mccoy
wash - okung
kc - berry - I'm not too sure it will be berry here
sea - derrick morgan, like you said before I edited your post, they could go in an umber of directions here
cleveland - jimmy clausen
oakland - bruce campbell
buffalo - trent williams, my sleeper here is dan williams though
jax - joe haden
denver - dan williams, or rolando mcclain
miami - cj spiller
sf - bulaga

If buffalo decided to go with Dan Williams for their 3-4 defense, we would definitely luck out with Trent Williams imo, barring any trades.

Williams + Trent Baalke - I think it's destiny

Funny you should mention Dan Williams, as that is my darkhorse pick for K.C. Ty Jackson was last years surprise that helped us get Crabtree. The Chiefs have nothing at NT and he the best one out there for a 3-4. That may change your order in the players selected 5-12, but it shouldn't affect the 49ers available player, Williams.

I'm just hoping for a top ten selection of Clausen to make this all work out and for Al Davis to do something stupid.

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I cant help but think of Gallery...and a Im pretty sure teams are the same way. Much rather have Iupati at LG and pick up Saffold or plug in Boone!!!
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