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This was really difficult. To me, it was between Anthony Davis and Joe Haden. I chose Joe Haden because we would be picking Anthony Davis out of need and kind of out of value. Haden is the best player here. The reason taking the BPA is the philosophy most teams go with in the draft is because if you reach for a need, the likelihood that it doesn't work out on that player is higher than the BPA. And if it doesn't work out, you still have that need. Right tackle is a major issue for us, but I think we can wait until the second round to address this. Plus if the Seachickens pick a tackle @ #6, Davis will most likely make it to #17. So we could probably end up with Haden and Davis, and we get good value for each of them.

I don't think it's even close. Taking the 4th OT in the draft at #13 is only a need pick, not value at all. Especially a guy with the question marks by his name that Davis has. 1st/best CB in the draft or 4th OT in the draft? Value pick = Haden every time. Not to mention I'm not so sure Davis would be starting at RT this year, even for the 49ers.

The flaw in that logic is this is pre-draft rankings. What if Davis turns out to be the best of the bunch and Haden only average? I don't think this class of OTs is all that seperate as propects. There's no Joe Thomas or Jake Long this year. I don't think any of these guys will be dominant, decade long pro bowlers, but all have the potential to be very solid. The same could be said for Haden, solid, not spectacular. There is great value for CBs later in the draft, not so much for OTs.
I definitely feel like there is good value for tackle in the 2nd round. But if the Seahawks pick a tackle @ 6, they won't pick one at 14 and the Giants and Titans don't need a tackle, so if Davis lasts until 13, I think he'll be there @ 17.

The problem with that is you don't know that the value will actually be there in the second. If the top 4 OTs go top 10, that will push everyone else up the boards. There are several teams in the late 1st that need OTs and will likely reach for those 2nd round values. You also have the teams at the top of the 2nd that if they don't take OT in the first will take one in the 2nd. And lastly, the extra day will allow for mnore trades by teams moving up to get the OTs left. I wouldn't roll the dice and hope.
If all four tackles go in the top ten, then the teams at the beginning of the 2nd round will have already picked a tackle. I think Vlad Ducasse will be there at 49 and I think he is a great fit at right tackle. He will go behind Bruce Campbell, Saffold, and Charles Brown. If he's not there Capers and Veldheer will be.

No guarantees, half those guys will likely go late first. Capers is the only one I would fully expect to be there, but I don't think he's any good.
You think 9 tackles will be taken before pick 49?? Thats a fifth of all players drafted at one position.

Minimum of 8 will be gone, maybe 9 .. I know that sounds crazy but that is just how the NFL values OTs these days.

Great points guys. If I may get in on the action...

I really see A. Davis being the one that drops due to the "issues" he has, we've read about them so they are public knowledge. That aside, lets look at the evaluation of his collegiate career at LOT for Rutgers. What does the tape say? I see many who say this kid is primarily this:

"Finally, Rutgers' Anthony Davis is not as long as Okung or quite as athletic as Williams, but Davis might be the best pure pass blocker in the group. He has natural feet and his thick lower body gives him a solid base, his strong punch can neutralize bull rushers and he is very good when sliding with pass rushers.

Davis is a little unpolished in the running game, though. He plays high at times and does not finish a well as the other three, but his overall physical talent still ranks in the top 10. However, his motivation and willingness to work are also in question and as scouts talk to some of his former teammates those concerns seem to be growing. In the end, though, Davis is simply too good to fall out of the first round."--ESPN DraftBlog

His behavior aside, which can be molded by environment, he has the best feet of the class. In addition, I have read both that he is quite the pass blocker and that he is great at run blocking...

"Run blocking: Strong initial punch; very difficult to push him back off the line. Has the strength and footwork to seal the edge and turn his man out of the hole. Inconsistent keeping his feet moving after initial pop; can dominate his man when he does but often relies too much on his punch to stop the defender.

Pulling/trapping: Displays the quick feet and body control to excel when pulling and trapping, often pushing his guard out of the way when both are on the move. Flexible and agile enough to hit his target and strong enough sustain. Usually just takes out the man in front of him, and may have trouble adjusting to playing coming from inside."--NFLDraftScout.com

I don't think you let him slide especially if Seattle doesn't pick an OT at #6 which I think they will in Bulaga, just a perfect fit. Also, don't snooze on NYG who need help on their OL as well. Don't be surprised is they take Iupati or A. Davis if he drops.

You just never know, but there is no denying A. Davis has talent at LOT. Imagine what he could do at RT.

That being said, I still want Spiller. His TD to touch ratio is just unbelievable. I am not that much of a fan of Haden, but I know he would be an awesome addition to our team.

It will still be either Davis, CJ, or Haden at #13. I am surprised that soooo many chose Haden over one of the four top OTs...

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