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Players in the draft

Hey guys just wanted to get your opinion on a couple players....

What do you guys all think about John Jerry? I think he could be our second pick and everyone seems to think he could play G or T at the next level. If he can keep his weight in check what do you guys think if we go with a Tackle in the first along with a CB (haden or Wilson) or OLB (graham) or playmaker (spiller). I think it would be better value taking him at 49 over Iupati at 13 or 17.

The other player that i was looking at is Kam Chancellor? Hes a Big dude (6-3 230) as a later round player anyone think he could do something in the NFL same size a Taylor Mays just not as much of a athlete, even tho he did play some corner at Va Tech.

thanks for you opinion.

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Spiller I love

Jerry I hope is targeted in the 2nd
I think John Jerry would be a great pick in the 2nd round for the 49ers.
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