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Mike Singletary and Trent Baalke are in Texas today to watch Dez Bryant

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I would be VERY angry if the Niners took Bryant ahead of Trent Williams, Joe Haden, or CJ Spiller at #13. I just dont see the need to take another WR when we have much more pressing needs.

I will be very angry if we take Spiller or Bryant. we have more pressing needs than a WR and a RB

I agree, we do have more pressing needs. Since this is the draft, and the player we want is not available (ie, no trent williams), do we reach for a player?

I dont wanna see the 49ers reach for a player, which could easily happen if the tackles are off the board.
its sets a bad precedent to have 2 high priced wideouts, thats the reason they wont take bryant, didnt work for the detroit lions
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Big deal, they are at his pro day. Doesen't mean they will take him IF he is available. No way they take him in fact. Not enough balls to go around for a team who wants to run the ball plus the ego's (Crabs, VD, Gore and now Dez White) and the X factor Eugene Parker plus we have far greater needs.

Hrm. Wrong Dez dude.. :P
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You guys who want us to draft Spiller and Bryant with our first two choices remind me of the guy who wants the fancy house that is sitting on a rotten foundation.
As long as we get OT help this draft, I could care less what we do with the other picks
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