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Full 7 Round 49er Mock Draft Vol. No OTs in the 1st?! Don't Worry!

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Not bad at all!

But honestly, LeRoy Van isn't sniffing the 4th, nor the 5th or the 6th.
How many times do the 49ers run 3 WR sets? enough said...
One thing I think the 49ers need to add is speed and from the 3rd round on, you have selected alot of big guys without speed. I would be happy with the first three picks, but I think the Niners could do better from the third round on.
I am worried.. I am worried that your mock has us going all in on the idea that Saffold will around at #49.. There is always a run on OTs and this year will be no different. I think he is gone early in the 2nd, maybe sooner.

Sam Young was exposed badly at the Senior Bowl, he can't move. We would be better off using a scarecrow than Sam Young.

I like Carter, but I think he goes in the 4th. Same with Shipley, I think he goes in the 3rd, but who knows.

I like Spiller and Graham, but I really like the idea of fixing the OL once and for all.

Some combination of Bulaga/Williams/Davis/Brown/Saffold & Iupati works for me.
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And that's the beauty of the draft, we need 1 idiotic franchise (Raiders) to start reaching to completely throw everything off.

That means, Saffold falls into our laps in the 2nd round.

Jordan Shipley will be there in 3rd-4th round, if he's there in the 4th the Niners should pick him up. Perfect fit in the slot.

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