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oldman9er's full offseason + NFL 3 rounder in March

Originally posted by oldman9er:
Eh... to each his own... can't please them all. Thanks for the responses... good or bad.

I did like what you did with the trades, I just don't think Bulaga will make it to 13 (i think he goes at 5 to KC as they NEED an OT to protect Cassell. Oh, and i like the resignings. Didn't mean to be too harsh.
I really like the trade-up for Best. I think he may end up havign a better career than Spiller anyway.
Gotta love the effort put into this mock. Overall i would be happy ending up with Bulaga, Best, Ford. Would maybe take someone else than Cody.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
I really like the trade-up for Best. I think he may end up havign a better career than Spiller anyway.

he will if he doesnt get injured

he is a much better RB than spillerr just injury prone
Thanks, all... For Cody, I think Singletary will really love the kid. Cody's had a rough life, and a tough battle with weight. He's now down to 349 lbs, and despite the reality that he needs to continue to better his conditioning, he is a hard worker. Franklin will be in his 30's and seems to want the big dollars elsewhere. Could be a great time, and decent low-risk draft range to make the move for him. A late first round contract for a NT should be no more than about a 5 year, 11 million dollar deal, with 8 guaranteed. That's not a risk-pick that would crush us in the least if it didn't work out in the long run... but is tremendous value should Cody put it all together like I think he will.
This was a very well thought out Draft. I can deffenty tell that you spent some time on it. Very Cool how you did the jerseys next to the players we took. I didnt agree with all the pick Cody and Best but if the draft went down like this you wouldnt here me complain to much. The best part about mock drafts are that you can see what other people are thinking and what fun would it be if we all thought the same way, it would deffently make the offseason alot more boring. Great Job on the Mock it was alot of fun to look at.
Beautiful production oldman. Well done. We don't need McC after all.
Really glad that it was appreciated... whether altogether liked or not.
I wouldn't be surprised if the top 5 gets mixed up like that. I would definitely be stoked with that draft. And we dont have to worry about Franklins performance dip this year.
how pretty loooooooool

I just got chills seeing that BEST name across the back of a 49ers jersey
I appreciate all of the effort put into this mock draft.

My quibbles:
You have Roman and Harris leaving, and Hudson is not coming back. You have Bly resigning and M. Lewis being drafted. Will that leave us with enough DBs? Since we have a couple of blocking TEs on the roster right now I would like the 7th pick and the extra 7th pick to go to CB and SS. So backfield speed is still an issue.

Franklin and Cody would be a solid NT combo. Do you think RJF will develop into a quality DE? Any hopes for Sopoaga, Balmer and MacDonald to continue to develop?

No OLB pass rush. Hopefully Brooks, Briggs will develop consistent pass rush skills.

So with these quibbles I think you have a workable draft.
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Outstanding effort as always.....definitely appreciated.
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