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Pat Kirwan Mock March 15th

Originally posted by crabman82:
do we draft spiller at 13 to keep him away from seattle(dont think they will pick at 6) this could be the type of player that dominates a division for a decade like larry fitzgerald, they fewer players like spiller on the rivals in our division is what we need.

i think seattle takes a QB and an OT in the first. they have some serious problems on offense. the RB can wait, especially in a year like this where the draft is stacked with great RB's.
I wouldn't...Trent Williams is only viable as a RT...why spend a 1st round pick on him. You can get a RT later in the draft. They'd be better off drafting Charles #17 he wouldn't be much of a reach. He can play both OT positions, is much quicker and more agile than Williams, and is adept at zone blocking. He'd be a great study for Solari, who prefers his OL to have Brown's traits. I really don't get why so many are on Williams' bandwagon...he's a good RT, but not a value pick at #13 or 17.
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Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by RKab:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by mayo63:
I don't know if they go Haden. Scotty has said he likes his corners big, at least 6'0". Haden is a shrimp who is also not very fast. Not a good combination if he is to be a first round pick at corner for the Niners.

5"10 6/8th's is by no stretch a shrimp. Bly is 5"10, Walt Harris was 5"11, Tarrell Brown, Derrick Johnson and Holly were all under 6 feet. And Bly, Ronde Barber and Brandon Flowers are 3 corners who ran 4.5's or slower and have panned out just fine in the pro's. You guys need to just stop with these posts that Haden is too small or too slow and that Scot wouldn't take him.

I don't think late round fliers on guys like Brown, Johnson or Holly or scrap heap free agent pick ups like Harris or Bly are the best representation of what Scot wants in a CB he'd be taking in the top half of the first round. The level of investment is quite different.

Haden is basically 5"11 which is far from small for a corner. If he was 5'9 I could see a point but he is a freaking hair under 5"11 which is more than fine. People are trying to find excuses to justify us not being interested in him, while I am not advocating us drafting him I find it ridiculous that everyone is now trying to downplay the fact that he was the best CB in this class hands down before the SB week and before the combine.

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