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Browns | Holmgren will consider QB in first round

all types of info after i make a pick for the browns guess it makes sense but if i were the browns i would stand pat and draft the best player

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Has anyone mentioned that the Browns will most likely draft Clausen?
Originally posted by YourHuckleberry:
Has anyone mentioned that the Browns will most likely draft Clausen?

He would have to drop to them first, meaning get past the Skins and Seahawks and hope the Bills, Jags or some other team doesn't attempt to leapfrog them.

There is still an outside chance that St.Louis takes him as well as he is expected be healthy enough to participate at the Notre Dame pro day the Rams may also hold a private workout with him after that.
I don't think it is completely obvious that they would draft Clausen. I mean, drafting another first round Notre Dame guy... it sucks to be a Browns fan.
During the college football season, Clausen was my top QB prospect and nothing has changed since then.

There's nothing Bradford does better than Clausen, except stand taller than him. Nothing.

I will be jumping for joy if St. Louis or Seattle drafts Bradford. I will be worried if either has the intelligence to draft Clausen and looks like Carroll will most likely come away with the best QB in the draft.
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