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BigBug's Mock (with trades)

If Dez Bryant is there with the second first round pick he wouldn't present crazy value. Crabtree and Bryant on the outside for the next 10 years. I'd rather have byant over spiller if we were just trying to upgrade speed.
The Pats would be giving up way to much in that trade. 16/17 for the 22nd and a 3rd round pick would seem more reasonable.

I think a more realistic trade would be the 16/17th pick to Tampa Bay for their two 2nd rounders. It fits the value chart and would give us 3 2nd rounders along with our 13th pick.

I like a lot of the 2nd round talent in this years draft. Solid CB's, Safeties and guards available in the 2nd IMO.
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Why is Jacksonville drafting CJ Spiller ?
Originally posted by BigBug415:
That's why it's called a "mock" folks.....

Yeah, some responses are pretty harsh. But unfortunately, I hope this mock doesn't happen...sorry to tell you that.

I am 99% sure we draft an OT w/ one of our first rd picks, and McCloughan won't trade up, but he seems open to trading back or gaining more picks next season. I'm hoping another player will fall to us like Crabtree did though.
With two 1st rounders, I don't see any viable reason to make that trade. Now, if some team wanted to trade up to get our #16/17 pick, and offered up their 1st and 2nd this year, that might be worthwhile. But, BL is Singletary will want to make sure he has his OT by the end of the 1st rd. I don't see him doing anything to screw that up. I see you have them taking Charles Brown in 2nd...I don't think he's there...he'll arguably go in late 1st rd. Despite most mocks showing Haden a top 10 pick, based on the past few drafts, the 1st CB has come off the board near mid-1st rd. So, there's a chance he'll be there at #13. Even if he's not, there are a number of other fine CB's to be had. I'm thinking chances of Spiller being there at #13 are greater, and if so, he'd be hard to pass up. Singletary could still get his OT at #16/17. Ok, Spikes is a good player...but ILB is hardly a pressing need. I think you have to take Spiller if he's there...he can impact both ST's and the backfield...and you don't have to make any trades to get him.

By standing pat in 1st rd, you position yourself to then grab one of the top CB' Perrish Cox in 2nd. He's got it all...good cover guy, excellent tackler and has some nice KR skills, one of Singletary's highest off-season priorities.

3rd rd...great spot to get your OG...Mike Johnson would be ideal.

4th rd, OLB, DL, WR.

5-7 depth.

That's what I'd do...but that's what makes mocks so intriguing...we've all got different ideas about what we think Singletary/McCloughan will do. There are always surprises...trades, players falling, etc. After missing out on Oher last year when Crabtree fell to him, I just don't see Singletary waiting long to get his OT this draft. I think if he gets his OT and a playmaker like Spiller in 1st rd, he'd be one happy camper.
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