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Drafting a pass rusher

Is anyone else cautious about being burned by drafting pass rushers? It seems like every year a player gets designated a must draft because his skills are to dominant to pass on..yet..becomes a mediocre pass rusher. Would you wait later in rounds or draft earlier?
Brandon Graham early or no one else until later.
I do think Graham is the safest bet. however, rush OLB takes the most time to develop almost any position. This makes it even more important to pick an OLB now, so that when we are ready to truly compete in the playoffs (2-4 years down the road) we have an elite player coming off the edge to slow down team passing attacks. I think eveyone is so caught up on the offensive side of the ball, but I belive we need playmakers on both sides. while spiller does have game changing speed, dexter mccluster (although i am not so high on him) is a much better deal than spiller at 13.
RBs are a dime a dozen, yet a dominant player on the edge is too important to pass on. Just my humble opinion.
I think if Manny Lawson continues to add muscle the way he did last off season; he will continue to develop into a good 3 down outside linebacker. Ahmad Brooks played well in his limited action this year. I'm excited to see if he continues to get better or was last year was just a fluke. I would also like to see if Diyral Briggs can develop into a good outside linebacker. A lot of people on this message board were excited about his play during preseason last year. I would like to see the 49ers concentrate on OT, OG, FS, and a kick returner in this year’s draft.
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