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1st post, long time Niner fan.

We need to rebuild our line fellas, plain and simple. Picking Spiller in the 1st does not address the problems. What good is it to have that speed if there's no one to block for him? I suggest we go OT at 13 (Trent Williams) and OG (Mike Iupati) at 17. Frank Gore rushed for 1600+ yards because Larry Allen and company were creating huge holes to run through. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, address the secondary and backup RB position. Jahvid Best would be nice if he's available in the 2nd. In the 4th, we can address our kick/punt game by drafting the fastest man in Clemson (not Spiller): Jacoby Ford. Here's a video of both Ford (#6) and Spiller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miJBWAhVUkc

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Welcome, too! I, too, feel very strongly about Williams and Iupati that I created the TWO OL in the first thread. Please browse it as it has some very good insight from others. T. Williams and M. Iupati would dominate in the trenches, just dominate. Why? They both excel very well at their respective positions at RT and LG.

Their technique will be coached up and improved by our Solari/Brown team. What they have now is natural ability to man that spot. Both of these cats have the potential to become Pro-Bowlers as identified by Mike Mayock.

As much as I love Spiller, a Williams and Iupati first would make me

Man, there's just too many good options this year. Hopefully McCloughan does his homework.