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Fast collab mock draft - picks thread - ninertico otc

1. St. Louis - Ninerjohn - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

2. Detroit - Ninerjohn - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma

3. Tampa Bay - Ninerjohn - Eric Berry S Tennesse

4. Washington - Ninerjohn - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma

5. Kansas City -GhostofFredDean74 - Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St.

6. Seattle -GhostofFredDean74 - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

7. Cleveland -GhostofFredDean74 - Joe Haden, CB Florida

8. Oakland -GhostofFredDean74 - Anthony Davis OT Rudgers

9. Buffalo - 49oz2superbowl - Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa

10. Jacksonville - 49oz2superbowl - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

11. Denver - 49oz2superbowl - Rolando McClain MLB Alabama

12. Miami - 49oz2superbowl - Brandon Graham OLB Michigan

13. San Francisco - Vote - CJ Spiller RB Clemson

14. Seattle - mayo63 - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

15. New York Giants - mayo63 - Earl Thomas S Texas

16. Tennessee - mayo63 - Jason Pierre Paul DE USF

17. San Francisco - Vote - Trent Williams, OT

18. Pittsburgh - stever - Dan Williams, NT

19. Atlanta - stever - Everson Griffin, DE

20. Houston - stever - Mike Iupati, OG

21. Cincinnati - ninertico - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

22. New England - ninertico - Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

23 Baltimore. Golden Tate. WR- Notre Dame

24 Philadelphia - Brandon Spikes - ILB Florida

25. Green Bay - ninertico - Green Bay - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

26. Arizona - ninertico - Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

27. Dallas - delawareniner -Arrilious Benn - WR - Illinois

28. San Diego - delawareniner -Jonathan Dwyer -RB- Georgia Tech

29. New York Jets - miked1978 – Charles Brown- OT- USC

30. Minnesota - miked1978 – Perrish Cox- CB- Oklahoma St

31. Indianapolis - miked1978 - Navorro Bowman - LB

32. New Orleans - miked1978 – Jerry Hughes - DE

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here are the picks #1-#4:

1)St Louis Rams need a QB in the worst way. However, they may trade for Mike Vick and dont see a QB in the draft worth selecting over:

Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska

2) Detroit Lions have many needs but they feel fortunate that there are 2 great DTs in this draft. They go with BPA at a position of need.

The Lions select: Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma

3) Tampa Bay selects the player that many think is the best athlete in this years draft. They may trade up to get Suh or McCoy but if they dont their pick will be:

Eric Berry S Tennessee

4) Washington has a new HC in Mike Shanahan who knows the value of having a great QB and has been able to develop them. He will want to bring in his own guy and put his own stamp on the organization.

There is really just one logical pick for this team. The Washington Redskins select one of the most accurate college QBs in many years.

They select Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma

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The Kansas City Chiefs select OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.

The new regime in Seattle selects Notre Dame QB, Jimmy Clausen.

Holmgren and Mangini take the top corner in the draft; Cleveland Browns select Florida's Joe Haden.

Al Davis finally makes a sensible choice and drafts Rutgers OT Anthony Davis, but only because he thinks it's the RB from USC.

9) Buffalo Bills- Bryan Bulaga

Buffalo hopes and prays that their franchise qb falls into their laps. With first round qb's no longer an option, Buffalo decides to shore up the ofensive line after (foolishly) trading away Jason Peters last offseason. Buffalo continues the run on offensive tackles and selects Bryan Bulaga (though they take a long look at Dez Bryant to fill TO's shoes and provide an offensive compliment to Lee Evans).

10) Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Morgan

Yet another year passes, and yet another year Peyton Manning passes the Colts ahead of the Jaguars and into the playoffs. Despite drafting both Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in recent years, neither has become the pass rushing demon they were envisioned to be. The Jaguars return to the draft board and select their guy… the best pass rushing 4-3 d-end in the draft.

11) Denver Broncos- Rolando McClain

The Denver Broncos are stuck between two players… Dez Bryant and Rolando McClain. Though Brandon Marshall is likely packing his bags this offseason, Josh McDaniels is not one to invite drama or selfish players into his club house (not to mention the Denver Broncos are not hoping to overpay another WR). After Bryant’s inappropriate contact with agents (which lead to his suspension) and signing with Eugene “holdout” parker, the Broncos decide to do things the Patriot way and continue to get their receiving production from stop-gap players like Jabaar Gafney. The Broncos continue the defensive facelift they began last offseason (which paid off in spades) by selecting their defensive centerpiece… their very own Patrick Willis/Ray Lewis… Rolando McClain.

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12) Miami Dolphins- Brandon Graham

Bill Parcells and the Miami Dolphins find themselves in a similar situation as the Broncos. After yet another mediocre performance from a lackluster group of WR’s the Miami Dolphins give Dez Bryant a serious look. The Dolphins, however, have already parted ways with Joey Porter and Matt Roth, and will likely do the same with Jason Taylor. This leaves a big gap in Bill Parcell’s beloved 3-4 defense. Bill Parcells jumps at the chance to take his blue collar, high motor, hard-working player… consider Brandon Graham his Demarcus Ware of Miami… perhaps the least likely to bust of any player in this draft… the Miami Dolphins select…. Brandon Graham.

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The San Francisco 49ers with the 13th pick select...C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
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The Seattle Seahawks with the 14th pick select...Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

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The New York Giants with the 15th pick select...Earl Thomas, S, Texas
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The Tennessee Titans with the 16th pick select...Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
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