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The best -insert position here- of the draft

Hey guys. I've been reading a lot of threads and decided to add my $0.02. This is not about players, but players in certain positions.

My theory is this: if we have the chance to get the best X in the draft, as long as X is not a position that we already have nailed down, then we should.

For example, if we had the chance in the first round to draft the best punter then we wouldn't. If we had the chance the draft the best inside linebacker then we shouldn't IMO. If we had the chance to draft the best TE in the draft the same thing.

But, we can draft the best of the following:

RB (Spiller)
Returner (Spiller)
Guard (Iupati)

This has worked for us before:

Davis (though it took a while for his head to get screwed on straight)

So...thoughts anyone? We need a guard. We need a change of pace back. We NEEEEEEEEEEED a returner.

I say draft Spiller, Iupati, and then the best OT in the 2nd.

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Say RT not guard & I am fine with it.
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What about John Jerry, he has experience at both guard and tackle?
I'm pretty sure we have RB nailed down with Gore.....
You can't really say Spiller is the BEST PR/KR. Shipley, Areans, Bryant, etc are all good.
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Getting the "highest rated" player at a position can be overrated. I remember when we got the highest rated QB, FB, and TE in a draft: Jim Drunkenmiller, Marc Edwards, and Greg Clark.
Joe Haden = best CB, and a bigger need than another back or a returner.
Originally posted by noobie:
I'm pretty sure we have RB nailed down with Gore.....
You can't really say Spiller is the BEST PR/KR. Shipley, Areans, Bryant, etc are all good.

IMO Spiller is the best PR/KR in the draft. He is electric. I like Shipley as a Welker type, but that is a couple of years off. I love Frank Gore, but he misses games due to injury each year. If we could get a runner that could spell Frank for 10 carries each game it would prolong his career. As long as we have someone to block for them both runners would be good in our backfield. They are two different types of backs too. Gore is a smashmouth runner who relies on his vision and brute to get yards. Spiller is more of a speed, one cut and go guy. There is room for 2 great runners in any NFL backfield. Look at the top 10 rushing teams last year:

1 NY Jets 607 2756 4.5 71 21 172.3 9 4
2 Tennessee 499 2592 5.2 91 19 162.0 14 8
3 Carolina 525 2498 4.8 77 18 156.1 11 6
4 Miami 509 2231 4.4 68 22 139.4 11 5
5 Baltimore 468 2200 4.7 77 22 137.5 6 3
6 New Orleans 468 2106 4.5 55 21 131.6 6 4
7 Dallas 436 2103 4.8 66 14 131.4 6 3
8 Cleveland 498 2087 4.2 71 10 130.4 6 4
9 Cincinnati 505 2056 4.1 61 9 128.5 8 1
10 Jacksonville 447 2029 4.5 80 19 126.8 7 4

Only 3 of those teams (Cincinatti, prior to Benson's injury,Tennessee & Jacksonville) did not use multiple running backs consistantly. Having 2 great runners is not a bad problem to have.