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AB's WebZone Divsional Mock Draft Thread- Picks/Trades - 3 ROUNDs COMPLETED

Desperately needing a pass rushing OLB coach Tony Sparano got to see this guy play first hand and he is a beast.

The Miami Dolphins select

OLB Brandon Graham

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San Fran selects Anthony Davis OT

Seattle selects Bryan Bulaga OT
With the 15th pick, the New York Giants select:

Earl Thomas, S, Texas
via the discussion thread, The Titans select Jason Pierre-Paul.
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San Francisco selects CJ Spiller RB Clemson
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Pretty tough selection here. As I don't know if tackle or Guard is their problem. After looking at their depth chart I'll assume Guard and the Steelers will select

Mike Iupati
Needing a DE and an OLB, The Atlanta Falcons select Sergio Kindle, versatile DE/OLB Texas

The Houston Texans select, and ooooh it feels soooo good:

Brian Price, DT UCLA
Wow, the Bengals are in a perfect position to be the Bungles again.

It's SOOOO tempting here to grab Taylor Mays and address the WR need the way Chad "I wish I was the GM" Ochocinco would love and sign T.O..

TWO Diva WRs, a big name, hard hitting S who can't cover, and media coverage, headaches and arrests as far as the eye can see.......

But, NO. In a dynamic change from the past, the Bengals eliminate two potential problems with one move, hopping they are finding their own little Steve Smith clone to play opposite of Chad (minus the teammate punching) and instead select:

WR, Golden Tate, ND

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With the #22 pick in the 2010 NFL draft the New England Patriots select . . .

Jahvid Best, running back. He's got some concerns about his health due to his concussion history, and that dropped him down the board. New England needs a youth movement at RB and he's the next best on the board.

With the 23rd pick the Green Back Packers select

Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton are ok, but nothing more. And they are getting old. So new blood on the oline is needed.
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Philadelphia has traded #24 + their 7th round pick to Arizona for #26 + their 4th round pick.

And with the 24th pick in the draft Arizona selects Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
Well once again, Taylor Mays has to be a strong consideration. For all the knocks on him, he's a great value here, and if any team can either teach him to cover better and/or use him a hard hitting machine while other guys ball hawk, it's the Ravens.

If Ozzie and Ed Reed can't do something with him, no one can. And the Raven's are insanely good at grabbing late round talent. Since 2000 with picks 24 or later they have taken, Heap, Reed, Grubs and Oher. Not a bad haul. By the way, Flacco at 18 and and Clayton at 22 weren't so bad either.

However, after the retirement scare from Mason last year, it's clear that their top priority has to be to get Flacco some weapons. And this is their latest pick in the draft since pick 31 netted them Todd Heap. Now that he's at the end of the road, and they are left clutching at the LJ Smith straws behind him, it's time to hope they can repeat that success.

The Ravens select the best TE in the draft:

Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

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great job guys, 25 picks down, we started basically on the 5th, and its the 7th, so 25 picks in 3 days. Awesome guys. Lets keep it up.
With the 26th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select:

Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
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