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Trade both 1st rounders for a chance at Berry

Trade both 1st rounders for a chance at Berry

Originally posted by tjd808185:
This just isn't any safety. Berry's the best safety prospect to come along since Sean Taylor.

If we're planning on using one of our picks on (Thomas) or Mays I say f that and get the cream of the crop.
hope he wont never come over to the 49ers unless he learn how to play coverage.

guys, stop dreaming.
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Originally posted by communist:
Originally posted by Snider8706:

I must be crazy. but I wouldn't mind having Taylor mays either. He hits like a beast.
is he a GOOD coverage safety?

You could tell he needs some coaching on coverage it's kinda shady....but he kinda reminds me of John lynch
NEVER! Ed Reed is absolutely great and Berry is compared to him. Let's put it in perspective - how many superbowls has Baltimore won? Just one! Berry will NOT take us to the promised land. It all starts with the Oline!
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
f**k no

are u agreeing with me?
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