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Prospect Watch: Senior Bowl 2010 GameDay Thread

D. Williams: very, very impressive

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Originally posted by DesiDez:
There's Dan Williams again
Patrick Robinson is having a good game
Larson's fired
OC Larsen just dropped on everyone's board.
Terrible snap, even dumber move by Brown and North offense not to touch Lane.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
OC Larsen just dropped on everyone's board.

Graham with a great move on Capers for a sack.
The north front 7 is just good
that big backup RB from fresno is pretty good. 240 lbs they say ? he seems really fast... hmm

Skinner from Maryland has had a nice day so far.
Graham Odrick Neal Carrington all had great weeks and it's showing today
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Easiest sack ever.
South Ball, nice sack by Sheffield, and recovery by Wilson
These players' awareness of the rules of the game is absolutely atrocious. At the half, I sure hope it is DRILLED into their heads the play does NOT END UNTIL THE PLAYER IS TOUCHED AND THE WHISTLE BLOWS.

This is driving me absolutely insane. This is elementary stuff.
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